Please Your Queen Of Luck With Attractive Gifts To Make Her Diwali Happier 

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 17, 2016

All over the world, people are fighting for women rights, but I think that we Indians have always been a way ahead as our culture teaches us to keep women in first place. Don’t agree? Then you only evaluate who is worshiped more India God or Goddesses? Who is termed as the Annapurna? Even our country is termed as a woman, considering its patience and strength. 

Nah Nah! Am not here to preach about women equality or about women rights but to push you to think out of the box and make Diwali special for your lady love, correctly saying your “Ghar ki Lakshmi”! 

Yeah, how can it happen that in a festival where you all make all attempts to woo the goddess of wealth, ‘Lakshmi’, ignore your lady luck? Have you still not planned anything for her? Not fair. :(

Think your life without your better half, won’t it be boring and incomplete? So why not make her feel special this Diwali by gifting her something that can make her life easy. 

Well, only buying her beautiful clothes is not enough as she is the one, who works for you 24*7 fulfilling all your needs. She takes care of your house, kids, your parents and at the end of the day demands nothing but your love and time. So isn’t she eligible to be rewarded with something as simple yet tough like her?

Keep jewelry and clothes on the back seat as there is much more that can be presented to your Madame and trust me she will always be thankful to you for giving it to her. 

Where does a woman spend her most of the time? Kitchen, undoubtedly. So why not get her something that can save her time and energy? Great! The basic comfort products like washing machine, mixer grinder, toaster, etc. are available at everyone’s place but why not bring some innovative kitchen appliances for your queen to make her cooking process easy. 

Why? Gifting easy kitchen appliances can make her work simple, saves time and energy which she can use in her other works or maybe can keep that time for you! Isn’t it a profitable deal? 

Thinking what to gift? Oh there are many options all you have to do is to take out some time but if you are in a hush-hush but wish to have the best then you can log on to India’s reputed online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and others to get favorable deals on kitchen appliances. 

To help you pick a smart, cool and innovative kitchen companion I am there to suggest you some products that are a boon for today’s women.

Electric Rice Cooker

Imagine the happiness on your wife’s face when while watching TV or talking over phone, her rice will get cooked or food gets steamed? To make your wife feel comfortable while cooking this Diwali gift her Electric Rice Cooker. 


Roti Maker 

I know roti making is a tiring job, so gifting a roti maker would not be a bad idea. You can shop your favorite brand roti maker from any of the online stores. 


Hand Blender

Using hand blender can save time in kitchen by blending food within seconds. The device can also be used to chop ingredients like onions and cheese so you won’t have to spend half an hour over the cutting board. WOW!!! What a useful product?



Cut down the excess labor your wife has to do in preparing tandoori dishes or grill platter by gifting her electric grill/tandoor which is also portable. 



Whipping eggs, preparing cake batter becomes easier when you have the hand blender in the kitchen. Gift your wife this hand blender and give her a reason to relax. 


So now that you have realized that how useful these products are, don’t waste time, rather book them quickly to make your lady love’s living easy and comfortable.


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