Reconnoiter Seven Sister States - The North East India

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 08, 2017

India is that country where you don't need to look for beauty. You’ll come across while exploring the land. There are places that are still unexplored and North East Indian states are one of those. Visiting this part of the country is like traveling the world whose boundaries are limitless, experiencing the things that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, knowing various cultures in a single voyage, and meeting another part of Incredible India.The natural beauty of Seven Sister States is untouched, nature is flourishing here with all its glory and picture-perfect scenic valleys and views will make you want to share them with your friends, instantly. It has gained a lot of tourist attention due to its hidden treasures and pristine beauty. The interesting thing about the North East India is that culture changes here at every 10 kilometers. It is as beautiful and full of unrivaled destinations as any other part of the country.

In recent years, the region was being popular for honeymoon destinations and it is still. It is not only hitched couples but an excellent spot for nature admirer, adventure junkies and has tons of fun to offer to the traveler of every age. The excitement will remain same to the end as it was on the first day. Below we are introducing you to the untouched land of India-

Arunachal PradeshWith its incomparable beauty, Arunachal Pradesh has a lot to offer to its travelers. It is also known as Orchid State of India or the Paradise of the Botanists. The state is situated high up in the mountains. The impeccable beauty of the state has managed to get a lot of attention in recent years. Make your mind to visit Tawang and the Zero Valley and meet Apatani who are known for their face tattoo and enormous nose rings.

AssamIt is the center of many alluring destinations like Kaziranga National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Bamuni Lake and more. Assam is a delight to everyone. Whether you're a nature admirer or adventure enthusiasts, you’ll find it awestruck in both ways. The tribal traditions, sprawling tea gardens, riverine islands, abundant wildlife and so, all makes the state an amazing destination to explore with pals.

MeghalayaLater you'll thank to us to let you introduce to this mesmerizing place that is also known as Abode of Clouds. It is the land of hypnotic scenic beauty formed of high hills, undulating streams and waterfalls. The majestic land is known for its rocky cliffs and its mysterious caves have so many secrets within. If you're in love with rain then this is the place. Find Cherrapunji and Mawsyram, the wettest land of earth. And take an enthralling walk on living root bridges.

MizoramMizoram is unfamiliar to most Indians. It is a large and inaccessible state that is between Himalayan foothills and the plateau of Meghalaya. State that is known as the Land of Blue Mountains is covered with plush forests, thick bamboo groves, green paddy fields, admirable vineyards, teeming vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and serene lakes and waterfalls.

NagalandThe state is located on the edge of India-Myanmar border that is rich in basic beauty. The state is filled with natural beauty and you stand a good chance of meeting people from tribes in exotic attire who are still living a traditional life. Don't miss to visit the valley of celestial charm, Dzukou Valley that is just 25kms away from Kohima. Be sure to check the political situation of the state before visiting.

TripuraIt is a culturally charming place that is known for handicraft and music and offers immense beauty and cultural heritage however still is a least traveled and explored state by foreign and local tourists. The state has a handful of royal palaces and temples that are waiting to be explored by you. Just for once forget the palaces of Rajasthan and discover the hidden gems of Tripura.

ManipurThe state of Manipur lies in the lush green corner of North East India. Just like other states, it is also as a tourist destination still off the limelight. The dance form of the state is more enchanting than any other in the country and has captivated art lovers of the world. Manipur, that means the land of jewels offers picturesque landscapes with misty hills, shimmering lakes, verdant valleys, gurgling rivers, and luxuriant forests.

What else to say! It cannot be explained more. Go, explore and don't be dumbfounded every second with the immense beauty of it.