Smart Wearable Are Straightaway Becoming The Most Popular And Winning Hearts!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Nov 20, 2017

The spread of wearable tech is increasing at the fastest pace and the technology catches on with consumers. From smartphones to smart watches; everything is becoming popular and demanding among all sections of society. Not just youth are getting attracted to it but an older generation too wants to have it. 

With now, smart watches, smart bands, and smart glasses are becoming the talk of the town. The experts have forecasted that wearables will be ubiquitous in the workplace by the year 2020. Well, we'll get to see this when we will reach there. Now, the focus is to start knowing about them and be updated.

Let's discuss the smart tech wearables which are now the highlight and soon to give tough competition to mobile developers. 

Smart Watches

There is no less fact that smartwatches have already gained importance and is soon becoming a big replacement and challenge for all mobile phone developers. The beginning of wearables started with Apple. All things were made by it, and without it was not anything made that was made. 

Smartwatches are surely becoming the top necessity for everyone who is a tech savvy. 

Smartwatches have many high tech specifications in addition to telling the time:

  • It can respond to voice commands, 
  • Measure its wearer’s heart rate, 
  • Act like a credit card at payment points and 
  • Provide alerts for incoming calls and e-mails. 

Smart Glasses (VR)

This is a real high tech wearable that is not known to many people. So many questions are already there on this smart glasses from asking about fog appearance while having some hot drink to its function. But the main purpose of these glasses is to combine real with virtue. Apple has started with smart glasses and offering some additional and high tech features.

Smart glasses specifications besides seeing through it:

  • The glasses run on IOS-derived devices called rOS.
  • These glasses will be will be likable among enterprises.
  • These are lightweight, heads-up display glasses.

Smart Bands

These smart wristbands and associated services are helping users stay connected with their health and fitness. These are even jumping on the bandwagon of wearable technology as it picks up stress to help remember their mobile devices and data streaming services.  

These wearable smart bands have a lot of benefits:

  • These devices can connect directly with smartphones, cars, or even healthcare monitors.
  • They have heart health sensor that can measure and track your resting heart rate.
  • Whether you are running or biking it can log the data and sync automatically to your smartphone.

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