Summer Fashion: Men’s Fashion Spring/Summer 2017 Styles and Trends

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Feb 09, 2017

Fashion means anything. Naah, not that way but anything that makes me feel happy and comfortable about myself. Yes, the notion is right but implementation hits many obstacles. The biggest one among all is our inability to experiment with the new styles and trends. Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 runway collections brought many innovations for menswear that can easily fit in your wardrobe and can turn you into a style icon instantly if you know what trend or style suits you.

So you think you need to wake yourself up one fine morning to review your wardrobe? If 2016 was more or so about the layering and tilted towards casualness of the fashion, 2017 men’s fashion trends are more about tech and colors and sophistication. Simplicity and elegance are the key features of 2017 Menswear fashion collections.

So let's check out the latest men's fashion trends for spring/summer 2017 that can be classified as street style but can be classy too if we tell you what to look for and how to accentuate with these new fashion trends. And Let CollectOffers lay a bet, you wound not ask “Who the hell wears these?”, but would be inspired to visit CollectOffers to say “I am the game.”


Bandana is an easiest men’s fashion trend to adopt. Bandanas are more or less a street style but if you know how to knot it neat, you can easily turn them into a classic style statement. Neither costly nor too technical to wear, Bandanas are boyishly brilliant to add a style to your regular look, an instant boost to the simplest of silhouettes. A great cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome patterned bandana will do the trick.

Seventies Revival

Street Style from Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week additionally observed a style return to the reminiscent seventies. The most engaging component from the seventies pattern that rose up out of Street Style was the rich shading palette. Add some funk to your style sense a rusty brown or rich Bordeaux as the main point of your outfits. For more experiments, you can add suede and velvet clothing to your wardrobe.

White Out

Sophisticated naughty, this is how I would like to put this out and out white trend that goes head to toe. Bold and beholding, White Out is more elaborate oriental-inspired fashion trend of Summer 2017. Simply elegant but a little mischievous you can adapt to White Out by pairing white jeans with a pure white t-shirt or shirt. Add white sneakers to your statement and roll up jeans for more comfortable adoption.

Bomber Jackets

It wasn’t a case as if Bomber Jackets were never in the trend; however, what Men’s Style Spring/Summer Collection 2017 has changed is boldness in color. Until now, mostly, black and navy were the currency when it comes to bomber jackets. This year, don’t forget to buy yourself a bomber jacket that is hot red, light emerald, bright pink, or deep purple. Surely these colors are unexpected but are eye-catching. Make sure you fit it youthfully regardless of the color.

Light Wash Denim

You can reaffirm your love for the powder blue as the trend has survived the fashion shows across the globe with the favored denim for the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion. Light and bright denim jackets are the most favored addition to the wardrobe for men in the Europe and Americas. The ultimate for casual wear, invest in some slightly baggy denim jackets for easy over the shoulder accompaniments to white t-shirts or striped sweaters.

Monochrome Prints

Remember he monochrome prints you worn during you childhood day without knowing that this is monochrome print and is a fashion trend? Nope, not only in the runway collections in New York, Paris and Mumbai, Monochrome prints are making every man on the earth go for. If you are not up for the Bold, graphic and unusual, look for more humble and basic of all the color combinations. If you aren’t as brave, incorporate black and white in more traditional patterns, like bold stripes.

Pyjama Stirred Pieces

What’s not to love about a great pair of pajamas? This trend is yawn inducing but in all the best ways. Mind you, there is a perfectly respectable way to reconcile sleepwear references with our everyday wear. Baby blue teamed with warm beige featured prominently as did striped and plaid pieces in pastel tones. Don’t think you can pull off this comfy trend? Try a loose-fitting chambray shirt in a lighter blue or a striped linen shirt for a simple incorporation of the trend.