The Fail Proof  Guide to Prepare for Memorable Trekking Experience

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jan 17, 2019

It is really enthralling to do an adventurous activity which could take you through a life-changing journey close to the mystical aspects of Nature. Only trekking offers such a vivid and wholesome experience which could actually make you more mature and respectful towards everything that you are blessed to have in your life. By keeping us away from all the luxuries and technological aids we all are accustomed to and take for granted in our routine lifestyle, trekking actually invokes a whole new angle of perception in us by posing some practical challenges of survival on our own. The best of all, it is the way to evolve a deep understanding of nature and its importance in our life. Last but not the least; it is a journey of visual ecstasies like none other with all the beautiful and exotic essence of natural creations.

But one thing that one cannot be undermined is the preparation prior to trekking which ultimately decides the fate of our journey whether it turns out good or bad. There are some aesthetics that one should follow to ensure that all those efforts that you put on the trip could actually be fruitful and worthwhile. From preparation of the backpack to the essential of staying safe, everything should be improvised and prepared for before going on a trek. The elementary trekking kit and assistive gears always need to be on point. So if you are planning for your first trek, you must get everything sorted well in advance. To get the essential necessities of Trekking, you can order them using the Decathlon Voucher Code and compile them all at the lowest prices. So let us begin with these concepts of preparation of a backpack for trekking.  

Key Points for Backpacking

There are some key points that you should always have in mind when preparing your backpack that should take care of all your requirements during the trekking and ensure a hassle-free, comfortable and enjoyable journey that you would have ideally hoped for. Here are a few key points which you must abide with while packing.

Get the Basics Right

There is a certain reason why we have a separate category of clothing range for trekking and hiking. These clothes are purposefully prepared with all the features that one should have in the garment which is worn on such adventurous trips. The regular clothes are not meant for such a high level of tolerance and would not sustain the circumstantial conditions such as rainfall, sunlight, atmospheric winds, rough terrains etc. Thereby, it is always a specifically developed range of clothes which shall be used while trekking and hiking that is purposely made sturdy, lightweight, rainproof, wind resistant and ease of wicking in moist and humid environments. In the same way, one ought to wear trekking shoes instead of your regular training shoes because it is expected to cope with rough, sharp, uneven and rocky terrains which trekking shoes are capable of due to their strengthened and hardened sole. You can order trekking clothes online too and get it delivered without any freight charges using the Decathlon code for free shipping. It is not always easy to find good quality trekking clothes everywhere and rough and tough quality is absolutely mandatory in such garments.

Never Ever Carry Unnecessary Burden

There is a lot of physical effort involved in trekking and one is also supposed to carry his entire backpack and luggage all along those challenging terrains. So it would only make sense if a person ensures that he does not carry excessive burden along with him while trekking. For this, it is critical to leave behind anything that is avoidable or unnecessary during the trip. There are a lot of things which people tend to pack in their luggage as they assume it could prove handy in case of this or that. This is just not the right way of backpacking for a trek. It would rather be better if you do thorough research and then pack only those things without which it would be really hard to continue further. Everything else is a burden you would regret carrying along.

Camping Equipment; Important but not compulsory

It depends upon the scheduled plan to decide whether you should carry the camping equipment or not. It is only needed in case you know that you would have to spend the night in the middle of nowhere without any available alternative to spend the night but under the open sky. Camping gears are not compulsory if you plan your night halts and pace your movement accordingly. There is always the option of ending up at any nearby village along the route for the night halt.  It is indeed a great option not only for a convenient stay but also to explore the local culture, people and food.

The Essentials of Protection

We all know the importance of our body and its limit of tolerance beyond which it would need protection. The trekking trails are more often than not devoid of any market or shop in between except a few rare ones.  Even if there is a market, it would be least probable to find anything significantly useful for the protection while trekking on the adverse stretches of trail. So it would be better if you take a note of essential protection that you would need while on your way.

Brace yourself to face the Cold Climate

Most of the trekking trails are at some height much above the sea level and with the increased altitude, you ought to face a decline in the temperature and increasing flow of wind. This actually makes the climatic conditions colder than the average ground temperatures. To tackle the colder surroundings, it is highly recommended that you carry a puffer jacket along with you as it is light in weight and provides warmth to protect the body very effectively. Similarly, you can carry body warmers along with you as they are very efficient insulators but don’t weigh much. You can check out some apt trekking jackets and get them delivered at your door using these Decathlon free delivery coupon code. These jackets are ideally insulated and waterproof windcheaters.

Ensure to Carry the Sleepwear   

This could make you wonder why the hell you should carry separate sleepwear when you can do without it. The reason behind it is very well known to anybody who has done trekking in the past. Actually, the trekking clothes do get very dirty and stinky after a whole day of walking on those trails. Sleeping clothes are actually needed for a change to ensure that you get some dry and clean clothes for a comfortable sleep. Therefore, it is advised that one should carry an extra track pant or pyjama, a t-shirt and extra pairs of socks. This would also give ample time for your trekking clothes to wick off the moisture and relatively better for the next day’s journey.   

Using Skin Care Creams, Sun-Screen and Skin Moisturizer

Our skin is one of the most sensitive ones when it comes to tolerance against the harsh conditions. When you are on the trek, there would be a lot of scathing pressure put on your skin by the sunlight, wind and cold weather resulting into skin burns, rashes, dryness, flakiness, etc. depending upon what it is exposed to face. Therefore, it is very important to carry skin care creams for any kind of skin irritation. Always use sunscreen before starting the day in the morning to protect the skin from harmful rays present in sunlight. Similarly, cold and windy conditions can wipe off the moisture from your skin which you should be able to protect from occurring by applying a skin moisturizer. You can carry sunglasses with good quality lenses to protect the eyes too.

Compiling an Ideal Trekking Kit

The trekking kit must be an ideally balanced as per the requirement of the trek. One needs to compile a perfectly poised kit that does not has too much than what is essentially needed but that should not mean too little to make you unprepared and unequipped for the required. To get the ideal balance, you must go through and assess what are the conditions that the place could lead you into and be prepared for it without going overboard. Here are some elementary things that should be the part of your trekking kit, but remember, everything is to be adopted after examining its need on the trek. To compile an ideal trekking kit, you can avail this Decathlon Voucher and get lowest prices on premium quality and reliable trekking gears.

Small utility bag - It is always better to carry a small utility bag while trekking as one could store many items in it which can be required more often than others. There are many such small but necessary things which you need to have with you while on the trail such as a Swiss Knife, a whistle, few energy bars, Camera, Mobile, Power-bank charger, Torchlight, Matchbox, etc…

Hiking shoes and Socks - As I mentioned earlier, the regular running or training shoes are not able to withstand long enough when put in rough terrains due to their vulnerable and not meant for such extreme pressure put by the rocky uneven surfaces. Even if you risk yourself by taking them, it would not be able to last for long enough. So, it is more logical to use the shoes which specially meant for this purpose and capable of tolerating most surfaces without wear or tear.

Water bottle - Water is one of the most important things that you would need all the while engaging in such physically tiresome activities. There is nothing more precious than water and one must carry ample sized water bottle along with himself on the trek. The activity throughout the day would keep draining your body fluids and drinking a good amount of water would be very vital in restoring the body fluids balance. Always make sure to fill the bottle with water as you get a chance to make sure you have sufficient enough to survive till the next chance to fill water.

Hygiene and Healthcare Products - One must pay special attention to health and hygiene on such trips because the whole experience would turn sour if you get infected or ill while on the move. This is why you must carry hand sanitizer to keep your hands' germ-free, soaps for cleaning yourself properly and a First Aid Kit to ensure every minute injury is dealt with in a proper way. You must also carry a Medicine Bag with you with some generic painkillers and anti-infection medicines that could help in minor health issues.

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