The Golden Beaches of Goa that are Paradise of Tourists

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 02, 2019

India has been a place known for its distinguished and ubiquitous diversity. Whether you take its culture, its people, the language, the geography, the climate and almost every another attribute that you could associate with society and place varies almost at every other milestone that you would cross by. In a land of such pluralistic land, if one place has particularly stayed relevant amongst the tourists for its seashores in spite of the country having a coastal shore stretched across thousands of kilometres with the sea, then I don’t think there should be any reason for you to not see the obvious reason  behind its popularity.

Goa - A Paradise of Golden Beaches

Yes, Goa is an incredibly magnificent coastal state with exotic beaches and has a lot of extraordinary travel experiences to satisfy any travel enthusiast’s heart with delight. Not just the beaches, Goa has a way deeper penetration as a tourism destination attracting tourists of all ages, families, couples, adrenaline junkies and even huge friend circles at times. Even though this still must not be undermined that a lot of fame that Goa has obtained has to be credited to its mesmerizing sun-kissed golden beaches that serve as a picture-perfect sight to remember.

Best Beach Attractions of Goa

Goa is a tourist magnet and no wonder, people find its sun-soaked sea-shores gleaming in crimson gold sand as attractive as heaven itself. The warmth of the climate makes it even more palpable to enjoy and spend as much time on the coastline as one can possibly manage. This is just a perfect mix of everything and it is hard to not give away your heart for something so perfectly crafted for beach lovers. The things just keep getting better with Goa and here we will discuss just the same. As much great a place may be, the overall tourist experience actually accounts from the way tourists feel about the treatment and hospitality they got, and here Goa smashes a home run right out of the park. The locals not only help but it is hard to believe the respect the locals give to the tourists in general. The mind-blowing visual charm of the beaches, the heritage sites from the Portuguese colonial times and unbelievably warm hospitality altogether shall leave no doubt in your mind about the greatness of Goa as an excellent beach destination. In case you are planning for a beach holiday, close your eyes and book tour packages and activities in Goa from the Klook Travel at cheapest price deals and offers.

Palolem Beach

The Palolem Beach is a colourful beachside destination surrounded by dense green coconut and palm trees. It is located on the southern part of the Goa which is arguably the most beautiful one too. The fact that the region is a bit closer to the western ghats makes some impact on the bio-diversity of the locales as it seems the regions has tropical vegetation with dense vegetation unlike other places of Goa that have a rather rocky and patchy geographic dominance. This beach is undoubtedly the best one in Goa even if you don’t agree with the surroundings. The semi-circle crescent moon shaped golden sand is very well poised with the calm unstained waters. The serenity of this beach makes it a notch above the rest as it is better preserved and less crowded than the rest of the beaches you would visit in Goa due to its distance from the central region. The climate of the area is moderate as is the case with others and one would also not find the waters showing any uncanny waves in general unless there is a forecast of storm. This beach would be your best option for taking a getaway far from the rush of urban life and soak in the sandy beaches with a background crowded by coconut and palm trees.

Places to See

  • Cabo de Rama
  • Sunset at Agonda
  • Turtle Beach
  • Monkey Island

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is also popular amongst tourists for one particular reason and it is the amusement activities it provides to the visitors. The beach has a pristine charm and embellished appeal to it which is evidently brought about by the presence of the white sand that is rather uncharacteristic of the place. The beaches of Goa usually exhibit sand of golden colour but Candolim turns out to be an exception and it does make the beach a very great change over for the eyes. Even though different to look at, the thing which makes Candolim a renowned beach is the abundance of water adventures wherein adventure junkies keep coming for pleasure. The water activities available at the beach include bump-riding, windsurfing, kite-boarding, parasailing,  bump rides, jet-skiing, banana rides and many more. The place has various popular sea-food restaurants and handicraft stores for the keen shoppers to set their eyes upon.

Places to See

  • Aguada Fort
  • Chapel of St. Lawrence
  • Candolim Church
  • The Sunburn Festival

Anjuna Beach

This the beach is located at a distance of just 8 km from the town of Mapusa, and one of the most popular features which have made this beach well known across the world is its red coloured laterite rock which has bizarre form and structure. The rocks provide a very nonchalant scenic beauty to this place and one could find a plethora of picturesque sites to capture. The uneven rocks combined together with the palm trees make for a truly immaculate landscape which has apparently shot the popularity of this beach to one of the hottest ones in the tourism industry. Within the red rocks, nature has executed an extremely distinguished inlet of white sand which is also accompanied by the black rock formations drove right into the waters. The landscape of nature can’t be experienced with better beauty and charm than you can see at Anjuna Beach. Add to it, all the amazing additional tourism leverages that you can avail using the Klook Coupon Code and you would have one of the best travel deals in your pocket beyond any doubt. 

Places to See

  • Albuquerque Mansion
  • Chapora Fort
  • Mascarenhas Mansion
  • Wednesday Flea Market
  • The Acid House Party

Colva Beach 

The Colva Beach is located at a distance of 6km from Margao and it is apparently one of the largest stretches of the beach area with an unparalleled striking presence. The Beach falls under South Goa region and has apparently been deemed as one of the most sparkling beaches of Goa due to its sparkling sand quality. The Goan heritage which comes from the Spanish Colonial Enterprise in medieval times can be optimally observed in the colonial-styled villas built on the aisle side of the Colva Beach. The region also has a prominent fishing community which has been staying over here since a long time and earlier used to live in fishing huts villages that do give a speckled insight about the past of this community. Being a very beautiful beachside locale, it was just obvious for the hotels and resorts to exercise and leverage the economic potential of these sea-side areas for tourism accommodations. One can find a plethora of beachside resorts and luxury hotel rooms over here with all kinds of modern amenities for the ease and the convenience of visitors. The nearby locales cover several marvellous natural sights which you should not miss out on during the trip. The popular Doodhsagar waterfalls are mandatory to be visited or else, consider your trip incomplete.

Places to See

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls
  • Agonda Beach
  • Our Lady of Mercy 
  • Bull Fight

Chapora Beach

The Chapora beach is just 10 km away from Mapusa town on the northern aisle of Vagator separated a bit from the majority of rush areas. This in a way works as a blessing in disguise for Chapora giving it a truly heartfelt exterior rugged rocky beachside locale. One of the other intriguing aspects of the island is the presence of white sand beaches unlike any other of the sand beaches you will see in Goa mostly exhibiting a golden tinge. The nearby areas around the shore entail a string of gorgeous sightseeing landscapes including exquisite palm trees plantations, sapphires and black lava rocks, traditional buildings and architectural sites, great party places and lots of other cool things to do and explore. This sea-shore is also amongst one of the better places for surfing and water sports. Being a bit a distant from the hustle and bustle of the city, this peaceful beach is a great pocket-friendly destination.

Places to See

  • Chapora Fort
  • Chapora Village
  • Vagator Springs

Cavelossim Beach


The beaches and paddy fields in its background, this is not a combination one can often find but Cavelossim Beach does put these two elements beautifully together at one place. This beach lies close to the historic town of Majrao. The uniqueness of Cavelossoim beach is its impeccable versatile and colourful textures. The Cavellosiun is also a place where once find a number of travellers from around the word coming and seeking black volcanic rocks which give a touch of distinctiveness to the look of this place and provide a subtle coherent charm with the background with the combination of perfect ambience and set-up.  

Places to See

  • Church of Cavelossim
  • Goa Cabo De Rama
  • Varca-Fatrade Beach
  • Shree Shantadurga Devasthan
  • Naval Aviation Museum
  • Mabor

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is a destination on the outskirts of Mpusa Town which best serves as a place of retreat and rejuvenation with an ample of diversity to keep the nature lovers engaged and interested throughout the trip in their curiosity quests. In spite of being a little far off from the main township, it still manages to draw explicitly large volumes of travellers and visitors to this locale. The area is particularly a lively and chirpy place by the evening time and one would usually find a lot of great places to hang out with the friends and families in this region. The flea market of Baga is quite popular too. The area also features two beautiful springs and retreat houses. 

Places to See

  • Baga Retreat House
  • Baga River
  • Medicinal Spring
  • The Sea Cure
  • Kesarval Springs