The Industry That Has An Amazing Footfall! Entertainment Industry!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Aug 14, 2017

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Entertainment industry covers all the forte and genres that make the crowd and also that attracts the crowd the genre has a vast classification like dance, music, movie and much more. Without entertainment industry, the lives of every Indian would have become monotonous and also the ways the country explores is somewhere related to the vast growth of entertainment industry only.

Each industry has certain norms and values and accordingly it works the same way the entertainment industry also has certain legislative affairs keeping in mind all age group existence in the country. Because the main motive is to entertain the country not deviating them from what actually they are.

Yes! the industry lays a great impact both in positive and negative terms but the balancing is somewhat heavier in positive terms because that is the case where people actually visualize themselves and tends to grow according to the different genres. Because different genres will lead to different impacts on people and same is the case with Music Industry. 

The music industry has a vivid growth in all spheres from traditional to western from rock to ghazals and India is successful in maintaining the diversity in the industry as well. 

 Amazon has a great deal that will let you buy CDs cassettes and much more music related gadgets that will take you a step closer to the music. Music runs through the blood of each and every Indian thus nobody is deprived of its existence.

Let's take a look at the genres of music:

Indian Classical music:

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The most amazing genre that has a further classification but we won't be going to that extent otherwise the blog would be never ending. Indian Classical music is the root from where the music has its meaning for existence. Without Indian Classical music, the complete genre would have been like a tree without its fruits. The complete ambience is formed when an Indian Classical music comes into play with all those instruments it actually creates a serene atmosphere that with the time has got renowned world wide.


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The most exciting form of music that has been and is continuously entertaining the whole crowd of the nation is the Bollywood music. Bollywood music is completely related to the movies and the songs that tend to go eminent with the movie as well is what Bollywood music is all about. But the main aim of the Bollywood music is to create joy happiness so that people relate easily to their own happiness.

Indian Folk:

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The proper justification to all regions of people staying in India is done with the Indian Folk music that represents each and every category of people staying in different parts of the country. Like Assamese Folk, Kashmiri Folk many such folk songs are doing its justification that describes the whole culture and tradition of the country. The pattern of singing is somewhat different but it is completely amazing to encounter such feels.


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An exceptionally well driven form of music that transforms the mood and even vitalizes the mood of the listeners the best form that will make you joyous and filled with happiness.

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