The Prices are About to Crash as Flipkart is back with Big Billion Days!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Oct 09, 2018

If you ask people the first thought that strikes their mind on hearing the word ‘Online Shopping’, many would suggest only one name and it would be Flipkart.  The leading online shopping website has turned the market on its head ever since it arrived in the market with its ubiquitous offers and mind-blowing deals. Thereupon, the online giant has only got bigger with time and now with an epic amalgam with the Wal-Mart, Flipkart has got the financial backing to go beyond the extraordinary and come up with even more ridiculously cheap prices along with the infinite number of exclusive additional services to captivate the market big time.

If there is one word that we can use to describe the biggest online extravaganza organized by Flipkart, The Big Billion Days, it has to be ‘irresistible’.  Flipkart is going to set the new benchmarks of online offers with its meticulously insane discounts and deals that have never ever been seen in the past. The Big Billion Days are unofficially the shopping festival for more than 1.3 billion Indians. With the jaw-dropping offers on the biggest of brands and the lowest price guarantee, Flipkart organizes the most budget-friendly shopping event in the country. For those who wish to make it even better, they can use these Flipkart Coupon Codes and avail exclusive discounts on the top of it. So brace yourself and prepare your wish list of products that you would like to buy.

When will the Sale begin?

The Big Billion Days are going to kick-start the sales on the 10th of October and will last on the 14th after 4 days. Flipkart is not doing this sale for the first time and has conducted the Big Billion Days earlier too. The basic difference between the last times and this time is the fact that Flipkart has got even bigger with a solid financial backup from the international brand ‘Wal-Mart’. This is the first Big Billion Day Sale that is happening after the colossal deal between the two brands.

Flipkart has roped in a number of celebrities to emphasize on the extent of this online shopping carnival. It promises all the customers to serve offers that are unreal and unparalleled in a true sense while also making sure that they get an experience of shopping that they can never find elsewhere. The sale constitutes lowest prices on almost every product from every category that they have and guarantees to give heaps of products in the same budget. The sale will continue for 4 days with offers being renewed after every 8 hours. Even the market analysts are expecting a thunderous and possibly the biggest online sale that the market has ever seen.  

 The Key Features of the Big Billion Days

·       Crazy Deals Every 8 Hours – After the point of time when the sale starts up to the time when it closes down, Flipkart will be constantly introducing crazy offers on distinct products of distinct categories each time. The old offers will expire as the new ones would replace them. So keep a tab on the offers and make sure to check out their app on your mobile to stay updated about the changing offers.

·       Massive Price Drop – The Big Billion Days are going to storm the market with incredible discounts on the biggest of brands. So expect a massive crash in prices of top quality products from the renowned brands. The prices of all the products will drop to an unbelievable level during these 4 days.

·       Additional Discount for First 2 Hours – While the deals and offers keep changing every eight hours, still one must not miss out on availing the additional discounts which would only last for first 2 hours after the change.  So be ahead of the time and take the added leverage with the extra discounts in the first two hours.

·       Flash Sales – For the entire time period of 4 days i.e. 120 hours, there would be a number of flash sales run on Flipkart which will consist of 120 superb deals on a wide range of products. These flash sales can only be availed by those who would keep up with the updates and react at earliest because the flash sales are something that you could call ‘blink and miss’ kind of opportunity.

·       Easy EMI’s on Debit Cards – You could find easy EMI instalments through credit cards while shopping on almost every online shopping website but you would never find EMI based on debit cards. They have developed this unique facility through which the customers who don’t have a credit card with them can also avail the benefit of EMI through their debit cards.

·       Special Offers – There are a plethora of other offers which are meant for certain shoppers who are HDFC bank customers and MasterCard users. The discount offers are exclusively available to HDFC bank customers while those who pay using MasterCard would get big-time rewards too.

A Wider Range of Offers for the Wide Range of Products

There is a massive catalogue of products available at Flipkart which covers a number of categories. Flipkart is one of the rare places where you could get all your necessary shopping requirements fulfilled without much fuss. It contains diverse categories ranging from fashion apparels to personal hygiene and beauty products, from electronic goods to all kinds of home appliances, the complete range of furniture to every kind of household products, from sports-related products to all types of pet products, you can find almost everything that you could wish for.  The best part about the Big Billion Days is that it would cover every category of products without compromising on any. Let us get to details about the offers on different categories of products and when the offers will arrive.  

·       Fashion – The sale would feature offers on all the top fashion apparels. This will include flat 90% discount on over 1000 styles, flat 80% on more than 2 lakh styles, flat 70% on above 8 lakh styles and flat 60% on more than 15 lakh style of clothing. The fashion sale would start on 10th and offers will be available on Men, Women and Kids section on different days.

·       Mobiles – The mobiles prices would shatter to the lowest ever during this big billion days. The deals on the mobiles would start on the 11th of October. Whether you want a budget smartphone or a premium flagship model, you can get it all at prices that would leave speechless. The sale would include exclusive launches of a new model from Xiaomi and Nokia. There will be great deals on the exchange of your old smartphone and give you incredible buyback value on your new purchase. Add to it the additional security cover and the damage protection by exclusively from Flipkart and you could probably say that there is no better place to purchase a mobile.

·       Electronics – If you were considering the option to replace your old electronic goods with the latest ones now is the time. You can get exclusive deals along with great discounts of up to 80% on small appliances, up to 65% on Televisions, up to 55% on washing machines and air conditioners, up to 50% on fridge and microwaves. There would be exciting exchanger offers and exclusive warranty extensions available for the shoppers along with no cost EMIs.

·       Home and Furniture – This sale would be an ideal time to complete your wish of decorating your household interiors with exclusive furnishing products and premium furniture. There will be a discount of up to 90% on beds, bed sheets, curtains and pillows etc.  You can find a number of branded products at the cost of unbranded products for wholesome value on your purchase. Over 40,000 products will be available under the 99 rupee bracket. If you want to get some furniture, you can also get it on instalments without any interest.

·       Gadgets and Accessories – The prices will drop to the lowest levels for all kinds of gadgets and accessories during the big billion days.  You can get the premium range of products from laptops to DSLRs and power-banks to earphones at prices that you have never seen before. There would be up to 80% off on all personal hygiene and wellness products.  You can get to select some of the exclusive range of products prepared by Flipkart. Then, there is always an added option of warranty extension and security cover which you can only get at Flipkart.

So as you can clearly see, this is going to be a ‘now or never’ kind of sale where you can find the prices of the most amazing products crashing to extreme limits and you would always want to grab them before the offers fade away. If you can ever find the topmost brands at the cheapest prices, here it is.