What Could Be 2018's Best Expected Movies?

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Feb 07, 2018

Movies, an amazing sort of entertainment that is not only used for entertaining but also, you can gain various knowledge that will be served to you as the best of the benefits later. Movies earlier weren't that much in demand and the movie theatres were not that flourished. 

Talking about today's era and generation movies have a major roleplay that extends the boundaries of refreshment, entertainment and also knowledge. These movies are in some of the other ways is also inspired by our daily lives that you witness through visualizing effects.

Did you ever hear that movies were released in 90's that too in 3D? Certainly not but the way technology is flourishing you can step out from your zone and experience the whole new world of cinema. This leads you to some amazing world of entertainment termed as movies. 

If you aren't planning to move in  to theatres then, you can get the movie DVDs by ordering it on the Flipkart that will also let you enjoy amazing offers and deals. Talking about movies there are many but the top trending ones are as follows


A movie that bumped out with flying colours and is doing extremely well at the box office. The movie is completely related to the historic events that took place in the life of Padmavati (Princess of Chittor) and this gives an edge to the movie that excites people and also makes it at some of the other ways controversial due to the events are shown in the movie. Apart from that Bhansali production has done the best to make the film work in a genuinely positive way.


Another amazing conceptual movie that is genuine efforts towards the society that is still underdeveloped. The movie is yet to be released but is definitely one of the fine work of Twinkle Khanna who is the producer of the film. The movie deals with the women menstrual issues that are faced by many of the women in an unhygienic manner. Let's hope for the movie to be the best artworks.


A story of two Indian officers. A mentor, and his protégé. The story follows with 2 officers with a patriotic heart suddenly that suddenly have a fallout. While protégé Major Jai Bakshi thinks otherwise because of what he has seen and heard in his recent stint in surveillance. Jai Bakshi decides to turn rogue and this is what kicks off the story.

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