Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction.

We try very hard to keep our cash back deal working at its best at all times. To help with that aim we have Terms and Conditions, which constitute a legal document. By signing up to become a member you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

Becoming a member means you will be an Account holder and enter into a contract with us on the terms of this Agreement, which may be changed from time to time. Any changes are posted on the website.

You are applying to become an Account Member. The Account is for the sole use of the member only. From your Account Settings you will be able to manage your account, including your profile and preferences.

In addition, by entering the CollectOffers Cash Back site, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.

2. Opening an Account & Becoming a Member

Members have to be 16 years old or above and have full entitlement to use the other services necessary for cash back to work. For example you must have full authority to use the Receipt Account into which you choose CollectOffers to make your cash back payments.

The information you provide us with must be accurate and up to date, and if at any time this changes you need to update it from your Account Settings.

We are confident that you will enjoy the rewards and benefits of becoming an Account Member but if you choose to cancel your membership and close your account at anytime, this is easily done from Account Settings.

The more you use CollectOffers the greater your potential to earn more cash back, but if for some reason you do not use your Account for 6 months, it will automatically be considered dormant and potentially closed.

3. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is very important. It sets out how we treat your personal information, which you have provided us with to open and maintain your account. It also covers information, which is acquired from the use of your account. You can view our Privacy Policy online at www.collectoffers.com/privacy

4. Cash Back Basics

CollectOffers earns fees from certain Merchants, and by becoming a member, we reward you by paying you cash when you make a Qualifying Transaction with a Merchant.

To do this we must have the Identification Tag from the Merchants and Tracking Agencies to identify your transaction, thus proving it was your account.

These transactions you make are always with the Merchant and not with CollectOffers. Merchants are retailers, sellers and suppliers of products or services, which include price and quote comparison providers.

Be sure that you are logged onto our website when you complete the transaction with the Merchant, otherwise we cannot obtain the Identification Tag. We will endeavour to let you know if this is happening so that you can complete a Qualifying transaction on the CollectOffers Cash Back website.

We work very hard to make CollectOffers an enjoyable and rewarding experience for members. We always try to keep the instances where we are unable to pay cash back to an absolute minimum.

Some examples where cash back cannot be paid are as follows:

- If your Account has been used fraudulently or is in breach of this Agreement.

- The transaction is not genuine.

- If for whatever reason the Transaction is cancelled.

- If your account is suspended.

- If the Merchant does not report your Transaction for whatever reason.

- If the value of the transaction is too low to be eligible as a Qualifying Transaction.

- If we have not received our fee from the Merchant.

- If the transaction is deemed not to be a Qualifying Transaction.

- Suspension of your account can lead to it being terminated which will forfeit any funds in your Account.

The above list is not exhaustive and there may be other circumstances where cash back cannot be paid, or where it is deemed to be forfeited.

CollectOffers is not responsible for the validity of any Voucher Codes, or similar on our website, nor for the loss of not receiving the benefit from them, as if they had been valid.

Should cash back from a Qualifying Transaction not be paid by the Merchant we will attempt to recover this. However to do so is at our discretion.

CollectOffers has the right to adjust account balances where a credit has been mistakenly applied. This can be from your Member Account where a Transaction may be marked payable, or where a payment has been made from the CollectOffers Account to your Receipt Account.

CollectOffers reserves the right to take appropriate action in the recovery of funds.

In any event, by becoming a member you agree that any payment to you is always at our discretion.

5. Receiving your Cash Back

You can make a Cash Back Request when you have Payable Funds in your Member Account of $SGD 20 or more.

This minimum amount ensures that the cost of administration is not out of proportion to the amount being transferred to you.

Until CollectOffers has made a Cash Back Payment to your Receipt Account then these funds are held as our own. The Receipt Account into which CollectOffers is paying your Cash Back Request may also have restrictions with lower and upper thresholds.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully entitled to make a Cash Back Request from your Member Account into your Receipt Account. You can update Receipt Account information from Account Settings. There maybe a short delay before you are able to make another Cash Back Request.

6. Due Care

We use our reasonable care and skill to ensure that our service meets our Cash Back Service specifications and that the information we provide is accurate and up to date and that our website functions correctly.

However we do not warrant the accuracy of the information, nor the functionality of the website, nor that it will meet your expectations. We accept no liability for errors.

CollectOffers will not be liable to you, or any other person for any damages or losses, costs or claims whatsoever arising from the Cash Back Service. Whether that be indirect or consequential and in contract or a breach of a statutory duty, including any form of tort and negligence. This applies to any damage to your computer system or your data, any loss or disruption caused while using the CollectOffers website, or material which has been derived from the website.

Likewise CollectOffers will have no liability to you or any other person due to any material or postings on the website by other Members.

The Transactions you make are always a contract between you and the Merchant and never CollectOffers. We will not be liable to you or anyone else for any part of the contract between you and the Merchant. We do not endorse the products or services of the Merchant and have no responsibility as to ownership, legality, safety, quality or any aspect whatsoever.

It is the Member’s responsibility to apply a sensible approach in entering into any Transaction.

The provisions in this Clause 6 will remain extant should this Agreement terminate or expire.

7. Misuse of the CollectOffers Website

At no time must anyone impersonate CollectOffers or make pretence of acting on behalf of CollectOffers in any way.

- No one will perform any abnormal use of the CollectOffers website. For example – attempt to access any system outside of your own Account. Extract data or personal information. Be disruptive in anyway to the CollectOffers operation.

- A member must not abuse a Merchant’s offer in any way or act suspiciously towards a Merchant.

- Post unauthorised URLs on any media or alter URLs, undertake automated scripts or spider pages and cloak emails.

- Use anyone else’s personal information

- Each Member is responsible to ensure that Usernames and any postings or material published must not be obscene, indecent or abusive. It must also not be in breach of any law or regulation, including a person’s Human Rights.

- No product of services can be advertised or promoted by a member.

- Also no brand or trademark may be used as a Username.

- Members are under an obligation to remove or alter any unsuitable material.

- Each Member must ensure nothing is sent to CollectOffers containing any type of Virus whatsoever, nor anything which can disrupt the normal operation of any CollectOffers system.

- Member feedback about any Merchant must be genuine, accurate and objective

CollectOffers is not obliged to withdraw any material, but Members understand that CollectOffers has the right to do so and also to take action.

8. Copyrights and IP

Members acknowledge that Copyright and Trade Marks protect CollectOffers worldwide, and that we own all Intellectual Property Rights. As a Member you are entitled to use the CollectOffers website, but not to copy or reproduce any material from the CollectOffers website, other than for your own personal use.

No one is entitled to copy, reproduce or adapt in any way, distribute or show in public any material, which appears as part of the CollectOffers Service

Express written consent must be obtained from CollectOffers for any of our data to be used, reproduced or distributed and shown in public.

All other rights are reserved by CollectOffers.

9. Right to Assign

Members must not assign or dispose of this Agreement without the express written consent of CollectOffers. We reserve the right to assign this Agreement but not in a way which will reduce your protection under this Agreement.

10. Contacts

CollectOffers Ltd is registered in England and Wales, registration number 06270919 at St Marys House, Duke Street, Norwich, UK, NR3 1QA. All communication needs to be sent to us at cashback@collectoffers.com and we will respond to your Member email address.

11. Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions, which define the relationship between CollectOffers and its Members is subject to the laws of England and Wales and as a Member you consent to this exclusive Jurisdiction. Members are not authorised to use the CollectOffers Service in any country where these Terms and Conditions are not wholly effective and without limitations including this clause 11.

Should appropriate legislation determine that any part of these Terms and Conditions are set aside as unenforceable, then the closest meaning to the intent of the original condition will supersede it, and all other provisions will remain effective.