Treat Your Palate With These Flavorful Malaysian Meals

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 26, 2017

It’s the local cuisines that bring fame to a place and it finds mention in every traveler's anecdotes. If you declare yourself to be a food buff, then eating and admiring Malaysian food ought to be a necessity. In fact, every cuisine gets spiced up by the throng of food lovers, who are simply passionate about the varied dishes. Moreover, Malaysia being a multiracial society, you get the best mix of Chinese, Malay and the Indian out there. 

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Here, I am narrowing down some of the most aromatic foodstuffs from Malaysia that will leave your taste buds craving for more:

Nasi Dagang 

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Your lunch spread would surely remain incomplete if you did not taste Nasi Dagang. It is a fabulously delicious dish comprising of steamed rice in coconut milk and fish curry along with additional ingredients like hard-boiled eggs, fried coconut, Solok lada and generally vegetable pickles. These figures as a breakfast food in the recipes of East coast Malaysians.

Hokkien Mee

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In fact, if there is a cult following for a food item in Kaula Lumpur, it is for Hokkien mee or fried yellow noodles made in Chinese style. This dish comprises of dense yellow noodles simmered in thick soy sauce with fish-cake, pork plus squid and also cabbage as its primary components and garnished with crispy pork lard that appears as square cubes on the noodles top. This is a dish that can be consumed at any hour of the day whether dinner or supper of after a night-out. This is to all appetizing food lovers, if you have not tried Hokkien Mee, you have not properly visited Malaysia exactly!

Nasi Kandar

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To all rice lovers out there, this is a superb local dish which you simply cannot afford to overlook. Nasi Kandar is a highly in demand food of northern Malaysia prepared from steamed rice that is either kept plain or slightly flavored and served with various curries plus side dishes. The rice is generally sustained by side dishes like fried chicken, curried mutton, fried prawns or squids and fish roe. The vegetable dishes would typically comprise of brinjal, ladyfingers or gourd. A blend of curry sauce gets sprinkled upon the rice and do not forget to demand the sauces to be perfectly mixed and let it seep into your rice, and eat heartily with its awesome aroma.


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If you would translate the word literally, it denotes tea from meat bone. It consists plainly of plump pork ribs, braised in spices and herbs broth that includes cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel seeds, garlic and dong guai. This preparation is kept for a long duration, even for days if that is possible. There are extra additions done to Bakuteh, like mushroom varieties, vegetables or choy sum and portions of tofu puffs.

If in Malaysia, do as the Malaysian does and munch at these delicacies, and bring back chunks of memories back that you had your chance at these gastronomical delights.

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