3 Most-Loved Malaysian Dishes You Must Try!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Feb 07, 2018

Malaysia, an ultimate travel destination is a place known for its beautiful tourist spots, luxury accommodation, and rich-flavourful cuisine. while you are on your trip to Malaysia make sure that you do not miss to taste its popular dishes. Given below is the definitive guide to what you must try while you travel to Malaysia.

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Now, check out the list of most-loved Malaysian food you shouldn't be missing while traveling to Malaysia-

Nasi Kerabu!

One of the most popular authentic Kelantanese dish popular in Malaysia is Nasi Kerabu, a blue-colored rice dish. Originated from the Kelantan state in northern Peninsular Malaysia, this Nasi Kerabu dish gets its appealing blue color from a flower called Telang which is generally crushed and mixed into the flour. Further, the dish is usually drenched in fermented fish sauce (spicy Budu) and is topped with fried coconut and beans sprouts.


Redang is one of most loved spicy curry dish often prepared with either chicken, beef or lamb as the main ingredient. It is yet another Malaysian food which is generally prepared using coconut milk and aromatic spices.The chicken, beef or lamb pieces are slowly simmered into the spicy mixture until the liquid completely evaporates. Redang is a popular dish prepared especially during festive seasons. 

Nasi Kandar!

Nasi Kandar is yet another rice dish often prepared with the toppings of your own choice. The dish commonly includes fish, egg, okra and a spicy curry prepared with aromatic, rich spices. Found in every nook and corner of Malaysia, Nasi Kandar eating points are widely popular and are mostly open 24/7 and are often owned by the Indian Muslim people. 

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