4 Beauty Tips From Your Kitchen

Post by Sameena Farooq | Apr 27, 2018

Beauty is something which everybody has it but not everyone gives a chance to explore it. Well, your face beauty is something which shines out only when you take care of it and you time to time follow some beauty regimes to help your skin breathe in fresh air and by removing all the dead cells.

Bright and lustrous skin is the first step to look naturally beautiful. Why try the heavy burden of makeup when you can easily look beautiful with natural remedies. Yes, you don't actually have to spend on expensive skin treatments or skin products. All you need is a little place in your house that we call - Kitchen. With some kitchen food item, you can prepare some beautiful and efficient face m, asks that will help in glowing your skin. Whip up now for a few simply glorious kitchen face packs! It contains all the elements that are expected to preserve our skin problems and also to enhance our beauty without causing any side effects.

Now, before you start digging on some of the unrealistic items for your kitchen, make sure you first survey a lot on what can be effective on your skin. As different ingredients offer different help to your skin, therefore, if you know what your skin type is and what your skin requires then you can easily get right beauty regimen.

Well, Zalora is a fashion and beauty store that has extended its hands with some amazing beauty products brands that offer some natural products with very minimal chemicals in it. Therefore, if you don't like the chemicals and its harsh products then you can check Zalora voucher codes and discount and get at cheaper prices.


Honey is an absolute right product for your skin that can be easily found in your kitchen. Therefore, to make your skin firmer, honey can be pretty much the saviour of your skin. Honey acts as a normal disinfectant and antifungal, and it’s also a wonderful humectant, which maintains the moisture in the skin. Try to dab it over broken facial acne and repeat this process to repair your skin. So, you can find one of the good masks on Zalora.

Gram flour

Gram flour is also easily found in the kitchen and help as a great item in the beauty regimen. It further helps in maintaining the beauty to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. You can also add some of the great face packs to remove tan and to tighten up your skin. As the face packs that contain Gram flour is a great item for your skin. 


Eggs are often used in cooking variety of dishes like an omelette, egg curry, fry egg, boiled egg, and some more different type. But also, it can be applied on your face too, as this will help you get wrinkle free skin to potentially tighten your loose skin. By using egg whites onto your skin, you can treat your skin a facial look and it will be a quite effective facial without spending a lot of money. You can use egg whites as a mask to make your skin tighter and firmer.