4 Easy Tricks to Book Cheap Flight Tickets To Malaysia?

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jun 26, 2018

Booking a flight ticket is an easy today, isn't it? There are plenty of online flight booking options to choose from and you have an invariable number of booking options as well. But if you actually believe this is enough for you to know about getting flight tickets at cheapest prices then you might not be fully aware of how this booking system works. There are many companies which are fooling people into everything that can be possibly thought about. 

But when it comes to booking a flight for a vacation or a trip then there are some really beneficial aspects that help in keeping your ticket prices down. The number of flights or the booking agent doesn't really matter if you follow these three simple mantras when booking your flight tickets.

1. Never Take Direct Flights

If you are going for a travel trip than you are probably going to a tourist destination. It is obvious. But to take a direct flight to a famous travel destination isn't something really smart and definitely not cheap too. The ticket prices are generally higher for the direct flight tickets rather than the ones with an indirect route. You can try this and you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in prices. Yes, it does take more time but then you are in for a travel trip, aren't you?

2. Clear the Cache and Cookies of Browser

It does matter while booking a flight ticket that how much interested have you been to visit a place. Like if you have been searching for all kind of things that travellers can do in Malaysia and all this is made available to the booking website through the cache memory by your browser, then be prepared for hiked prices. There is a general rule that a person who is excited about visiting a place can be easily rushed into impulsive booking. The person sees the prices on a hike and assumes that prices will further go up because the prices generally don't fall back once hiked. 

3. Follow The Airlines Social Media Page and Sign up for Mails

Yes, it can be a big factor as many times, companies release special offers, vouchers or coupons exclusively for their social media followers. If you did not know about it, you can try asking some passengers who would have got the same ticket in the same class as you but at a lower price just because they were following up with companies latest offerings through social media and mailing campaigns. This is also helpful in understanding various other aspects of an Airline company. Many companies provide complementary services which are not known to all but those who follow the updates provide by the company on social media.

4. Compare the Classes of Different Airlines

There are a number of Airline companies and not all of them follow the same price chart. There are variations in not just their price structures but their classes of seating can be different too. Like an economy class ticket of a very high brand, Airlines company can often be higher than a business class seat of any not so famous company. There are various Airline companies especially Indian and Asian companies which offer really competitive prices for the high-class seats. When you are about to book a ticket, don't just go for any Airline because you have seen more advertisements for that company than others. After all, you will be the one paying for those advertisements by purchasing economy tickets at higher prices.


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