4 Must-Try Malaysian Food That Are Insanely Delicious!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Apr 09, 2018


Malaysian food is an epitome of varied tastes and aromatic ingredients. The cuisine is greatly influenced by the Malys, Indonesians, Chinese and Indians.  

With the combination and use of aromatic ingredients like coriander, chilis, and cumin, Malaysian dishes are full-or flavors and taste. They are insanely delicious. Scroll through to look at what you must try while you are in Malaysia. 

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Nasi Dagang - With Fish Curry!


Nasi Dagang is one of most-loved breakfast dish especially in the eastern coast of Malaysia. It is basically a rice dish often served with fish curry. Rice is steamed in coconut milk instead of water, so as to get that mesmerizing sweet taste of it. Not only the rice by fish curry is also cooked in coconut milk along with other ingredients such as galangal, chili paste, lemongrass, and turmeric. 

Usually, tuna fish is used in the Nasi Dagang, but some people also add prawns and salmons in it. The dish is garnished with pickled vegetables, fried coconut shavings, and hard-boiled eggs. While on your food tour to Malaysia, make sure you try this tasteful dish, Nasi Dagang. 

Nasi Kandar With Assorted Curries!


Yet another widely popular Malaysian dish that you shouldn't miss is Nasi Kandar, a famous dish originated in the Northern region of Penang. The term "Nasi" means rice and "Kandar" means traditional bamboo pole basket that vendors usually carry around. 

Nasi Kandar is a delicious meal that comprises of assorted curries & side dishes served with steamed rice. Squid curry, mutton curry and Ayam rose are often served with Nasi Kandar. 

Sang Har Mee - With Fresh Water Prawn Noodles!


Probably one of the most expensive luxury food items in Malaysia, Sang Har Mee is a noodle dish featuring fresh-water prawns with crispy fried noodles in rich-creamy gravy. Some of the chefs also add an egg to the dish in order to bring the added flavor.

the best thing about this Sang Har Mee is roe, that usually comes from the prawn's head. The Roe of prawns gives this soup a very rich-creamy texture and taste. Since its an expensive noodles dish, you will find Sang Har Mee mostly at seafood restaurants. 



Originated from India and Saudi Arabia, Mustabak us yet another must-try insanely delicious food snack in Malaysia. It is basically a stuffed pancake prepared with minced chicken, mutton or beef mixture. 

The stuffing in this is flavored with garlic, egg, and onions. These stuffed pancakes consist of a very savory flavor, and restaurants often serve them with rich-creamy curry-style gravy. 

So, these are some widely famous and delicious dishes that you must not miss to taste while you travel to Malaysia. 

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