4 Typical Malaysian Street Food You Must Not Miss To Taste

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jul 02, 2018


Malaysia, one of the most loved and famous travel destination in the world. From iconic landmarks to stunning attractions to bustling cities to luxury accommodation to tasty food, it is a place that offers everything.

This holiday season if you are planning a relaxing holiday to an exotic travel destination, most important if you are a foodie and love to explore places known for its authentic, flavourful dishes, then Malaysia is simply the best place to visit. In this post, you will learn about some popular street food that you must not miss trying while holidaying in Malaysia. 

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Assam Laksa!


You will find the famous Assam Laksa's hawker stall in Weld Quay, one of the busiest waterfront street in George Town. Assam Laksa is a delicious typical Malaysian food made of rice noodles cooked and served with sour fish soup. The pink ingredient in this dish is the ginger flower, while the green thing in it is cucumber matchsticks and bird's eye chilies. In short, it is a tangy, spicy and flavorful Malaysian fish based rice noodle soup. 

Roti Canai!


A flaky, flatbread, Roti Canai is most often eaten, dipped in curry especially in breakfast. A flatbread prepared by twisting, slapping and layering multiple time with oil. Also known as roti prata or roti cane, it is an Indian-influenced flatbread dish found in Malaysia. It is soft and fluffy with crispy edges.

Apam Balik!


Apom Balik is a Sticky rice flour pancakes often served with creamed corn. Rice flour, baking powder, bicarbonate soda, sugar, egg, peanut, butter, and margarine are the main ingredients that mixed together with some hot water until the consistency of the batter is smooth. Apam Balik is a sweet peanut pancake turnover stuffed with buttery and sugary peanut filling. 

Cendol / Chendul!


A sort of cold dessert soup, found in almost every nook and corner of Malaysia, Cendol is yet another must-try Malaysian street food made from mung-bean flour, stained green with pandan, leaves of the tropical plant that tastes similar like vanilla. The Squiggles, along with red beans float in the soup of coconut milk, Santan, and palm sugar. While serving, the soup is ladled with big-big lumps of ice cubes and the condensed milk floats all over. 

So, these are few authentic and flavourful Malaysian street food which must try while you travel to Malaysia. Also, don't forget to visit high-star restaurants where you can taste some really tasty and delicious luxury food. To save your money while dining at leading restaurants, make sure you avail Fave voucher codes.

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