5 Authentic Dishes You must Not Miss To Taste While Traveling to Malaysia!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Mar 20, 2018


Malaysia, an amazing travel destination that attracts millions of tourists each year. When talking about what this place is famous for, you will find that the list never ending. It is a shopping paradise for shopaholics, it a sightseeing hotspot for explorers, it is an ultimate adventure land for adventure-freaks and it is a food paradise for foodies. 

Foodies, seeking to explore different culinary culture and traditions, must visit Malaysia for sure. Here, you will surely be going to taste some really amazing food rich in flavors and aroma. 

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Nasi lemak!


Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's national food often served in breakfast. You can even eat this dish at any point of time in a day. Nasi Lemak is a coconut-infused rice dish prepared with endless regional variations. In this rice is nicely cooked in coconut milk, sambal (a spicy chili sauce, roasted peanuts and boiled egg, everything served on a banana leaf. 

Mee Goreng!


Yet another must-try authentic Malaysian dish is Mee Goreng. Mee Goreng is basically a fried noodle dish in which yellow-wheat noodles, egg, vegetables are cooked in sambal and sweet soy sauce. Mee Goreng is a hearty tasty Malaysian dish that you must taste while you travel to Malaysia. 



Malaysia's most refreshing dessert or snack is Cendol. A dish comprising of rice-flour pandan noodles, coconut milk, palm sugar or gula Melaka syrup and shaved ice. Street hawkers often add some kidney beans, corn or red beans as well to this dish. The dish is a surefire way for travelers seeking to beat the hot sunny heat of Malaysia while traveling. 



Closely associated with Malaysia, Laksa is yet another must-try dish widely found all over the place. It is a spicy noodle soup dish often found in different-different variations in different regions. Assam laksa is one of the most popular and widely loved version, derived from the combination of Chinese and Malay elements. 

Assam Laksa is often made with sliced cucumber, shredded fish, tamarind, purple onion and thin or thick rice noodles. In few regions, some people also add mint leaves and lettuce in the dish. 

Koay Teow!


If you're seeking for some really quick and easy snack then Koay Teow is the best choice. Also referred as Char Koay Teow, this lip-smacking street food is made with flat, wide rice noodles, bean sprouts, soy sauce, prawns, chilies and chives, everything stir-fried in a hot flaming wok. Some people also include chicken or egg into it. 

So, foodies, these are some must-try Malaysian dishes that you must not miss trying while on your trip to the wonderful travel destination. 

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