6 Famous Street Food You Must Taste While Travelling To Malaysia!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Apr 02, 2018


Food is something that should be tasty and flavorful and should provide an amazing culinary experience. When traveling to Malaysia, which is also a food paradise, there are certain local dishes that you shouldn't miss to taste. 

Malaysian food is a perfect amalgamation of rich flavors and aromas. Be it Laksa, satay, Chedul or rice noodles soup, the taste of each dish is unique and different. Fave a leading online website that helps you save huge amounts while paying for your favorite dish. 

Given below is the list of some of the most-loved street food items, that you must taste while traveling to Malaysia. 

Assam Laksa!


Assam Laksa is basically a rice noodle dish in fishy soup, sold at a stall at Weld Quay, one of the busiest waterfront street in the George Town. One of most favorite street food loved by almost everyone, this Assam Laksa is prepared with rice noodles cooked in fish soup soured with tamarind. 

Assam Laksa is flavourful, tangy and spicy noodle soup that hits all the right notes and take to a very different level of the culinary world. 



Yet another widely famous street-food, you shouldn't miss tasting when traveling to Malaysia is Rojak. Rojak is a vegetable and fruit salad dumped with savory-sweet brown-black sauce over it. 

In other words, Rojak is a local salad of mixed fruits, vegetables & dough fritters covered with sticky black sweet sauce and is garnished with finely cut aromatic ginger flowers and chopped peanuts. 



A kind of cold soup dessert, usually found in the Penang area, Chendul is very refreshing and tasty. This dessert soup refers to the Jello-ish squiggles in green color and prepared from mung bean flour. 

Chendul gets its green color from Pandan leaves which is basically a tropical plant that tastes like vanilla. The squiggles and red beans in this dessert float in a soup of coconut milk, palm sugar, and satan. To make it cool and refreshing, the soup is loaded with big lumps of ice. 

Koay Chiap!


Often found on the Kimberly Street, Koay Chiap is yet another most popular street food that you must taste for sure. It is basically a duck and noodle soup prepared with shredded duck meat, soy sauce boiled eggs, and rice noodles. It is often garnished with Chinese celery that imbues a nice aromatic herbiness. 

Chee Cheong Fun!


Chee Cheong Fun is yet another popular Malaysian street food which you will find at a stall in Penang. Similar to rice noodle rolls, Chee Cheong Fun in Penang is served with chili sauce and a sweet, black shrimp sauce poured all over it. 

Ice Kacang!


New World Park is yet another famous hawker center off the Swatow Lane, the Ice Kacang is a corn-bean frozen dessert. The dessert is prepared with kidney beans, corn, and translucent jellies. Ice Kacang is garnished with pink syrup if you want you can add a scoop of ice cream over it. 

So, these are few most-loved street-food that you must taste while traveling to Malaysia. 

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