A Crucial Guide To Best Fashion Staple For Everyone: Men, Women and Kids

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 08, 2019

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This post will help you in knowing what fashion is prevailing in the market and how you are going to survive the current fashion trend. This guide is for everyone! If you are a fashion newbie then check some best men, women and kids fashion prevailing in the market.

If you are starting from zero, the fashion world can seem to be a complex and strange place. With so many fashion bloggers, each one explains you about fashion differently and has his/her own story about the trend. 

Frankly speaking, fashion trend is always evolving and on the go. Whether looking at the popular trend going around or the biggest season 2019 trends, all have a great effect on our lifestyle. So, if you feel like a total beginner in the fashion world and feel everyone around you as a fashion expert then you must know the top trends in your country.

Explore some new colour palettes, materials and detail design that are predicting to be in top number for the forthcoming shopping season.

Note: Your goal should be to observe on what latest fashion trend is and what you should wear. After analyzing, observing, and developing a better understanding, you could easily be on the top of the fashion game.

Start finding the best fashion trend to wear this season!

What WOMEN must learn regarding fashion

What’s trending

Any new and trendy fashion trends give women an adrenalin rush. A woman knows the best what style suits her and what doesn’t. In order to find what’s trending, a woman looks out for the trends and search on the internet, flip pages of the fashion magazines, and visit their favourite fashion designer. A woman must learn what trend they should follow and what suits them the best. With the fashion game always changing, women must stay alert and must learn which trend is making buzz and how to find them. Relax! We have made your shopping experience delightful in every possible way. Farfetch offers everything and keeps you updated on the current trends to incorporate into your wardrobe.

What to wear

There is no second thought on what women love to do. All women love getting dressed up and probably prefer wearing a different outfit for the different occasion. If you also want to make that happen then start with finding the best staple that suits you, choose to shop using Farfetch promo code where you can shop some amazing women fashion online apparels.

The denim pieces for all ages and sizes

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High-waisted, wide-legged, skinny and/or colourful - this season has got all the vast array of fashion jeans that will work easily from office to weekend downtime. Wear wide-leg style with a T-shirt and blazer and go on full on-trendy with culottes and animal print jackets.

The floral pieces before spring 

If you are a fan of florals and don’t want to wait until the spring season to introduce some great foliage to your wardrobe, you can elect some designer pieces now and keep it simple and elegant. Opt for darker, punchier tones, and don’t be scared to layer it with a statement coat.

The corduroy pieces for all time of the day

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Forget Corduroy geek reputation because it's now a frontrunner to get the season most versatile look. Opting for an oversized jacket will be a relaxed choice with a pair of jumpsuits, white blazer decently layered over a T-shirt for the day and a slip dress at the night will be the right fashion choice.

The best shirt for all ages and choice

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Women must not believe the fact that shirts are for men. The shirts for women come in an array of designs and pieces that it gives a full feminine look to your appearance without making you look odd or less feminine. Give a classic shirt a styling update by teaming it up with a V-neck dress, culottes or cowboy boots.

The knee length dress for every woman

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The jazzy dress has been a hero for a while now. Many women opt for a knee-length jazzy dress for a number of good reasons. Wearing it under a wrap coat to the office where it serves meetings to wearing it post-work drinks or to Christmas party. There are many occasions to match up the dresses and look your gorgeous best.

The knit style and design for the weather change

The different style of knits can give the best cosy feel. Knits are a versatile option that can be worn out in case of sudden weather change or when raindrops in. An embellished jumper with a midi skirt, an oversized cable knit with a slimline skirt are some of the best styles that can give an instant ready look.

The drape skirts for all age and figure

When the drape skirts are tied or wrapped. It offers knot at the front or a side slit, it is probably the best option on any season. Pair it up with knitwear in case of weather change and a blazer for daytime or a blouse for the evening to give a fancy look for the party.

The MEN’s fashion should never be overlooked

What's trending

Men’s fashion is pretty formulaic. Before you choose to get yourself best fashion staple, take a sneak peek on what’s in the trend. The combination of dark wash denim, plain white tees, comfy hoodies is all some handful of men trends that became the most awaited fashion trends. Thankfully, 2019 men’s fashion trends are sure to make you ready to put in some fresh energy into men’s wardrobe.  

What to wear

When talking about trends and popular trends, there is a number of mini-trends going round of men. We have all listed out below some styles that will work wonder to your style and men will come out flaunting their style confidently. Find the best men’s fashion designer clothes from Cotton On and use the unique Cotton On promo code to enjoy a great discount on your purchases.

Big Shoulders vintage style

The 80s time is back again. If you don’t mind stepping back in your fashion game then choose some great 80s fashion staple that keeps you fashion ready.  This style was most prevalent in the '80s when suits were mostly selected of oversized and worn out by people with broad shoulders. 

Fireman’s jackets are on the fire

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The workwear has returned at the top of menswear staple and is continuing to be at the top of menswear pyramid. Now, it has taken a much different look rather than being raw denim and chore coats, there are much popular selling companies that offer fireman jackets over these years. The jackets are denoted as the ones with reflective stripes.

Leopard Print luxury style

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The leopard print design is one of the most popular and desirable prints preferred by many men.  To understand the print and design, you do not have to go to a big cat with a leopard coat. Shop the most in-demand brand names such as Celine, Dior, Versace, Raf Simons, Marni, No21, leopard tuxedo leopard fleece and few more. If you keep the spots in check, then you could easily carry forward the fashion staple.

All designs Checks

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The checks and designs are the most familiar prints that are preferred by most of the men. From the variable geometry designs to Scottish tartan to preppy to plaids, all the checks are hugely preferred. There is no man who doesn’t like the checkered print style. If you love the check style then shop nice check style dirt or even paint will also work best in the trend.

Cartoons and Graphic Tees

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Young men prefer to wear cool tees that have cartoons and graphics made on it. Choose a graphic tee that has your favourite cartoon character made on it and wears it confidently bringing your boyish charm. There are few sites that offer customize facility too, you can create your own design and graphics and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Leather coats

A leather coat is a must-have wardrobe essential in every man’s closet. To keep your fashion game on point, choose a good branded leather coat such as Berluti, Hermès and Prada. These coats have the tendency to make you look smart and fashion perfectly. You can choose the trendy coat of latest design and keep your fashion game on point. Leather coats and jacket normally do not have any style rules. So, you can easily flaunt the coat on either jeans or pants.

Double Denim

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Double denim means denim jacket and jeans. Now, when you are choosing to go all over denim, always contrast your shades. The overall contrasting effect creates a much appealing look, whereas Tuxedo is a bit different and work effectively with the traditional trucker and a chore jacket. 

And now the KIDS style came marching out

What’s trending

Kid’s apparel speaks a lot about their personality. The more designer and more stylish the apparel is, the more it likely to grab attention. Before you decide to style your child, do check on what’s trending and what not. Mostly everything is trendy and fancy for children, this means you can opt for any designer colourful or specific colour apparel that makes your child look happy and of course, comfort is the key. The more comfortable a dress will be, the more it will trend and get noticed. 

What to Wear

Talking about kids must wear; there is simply no answer as children are the most innocent soul who can easily carry off any style and probably look best in everything. Shop all the below trends and choose Farfetch promo code to shop all the kids designer collection at affordable prices and make your kid look in their best form.

The colourful autumn outfits for energetic children

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Go back to school in style and opt for a layer stripes under the bright jumpers for a fun mismatched look, or you could style your kid with chunky boots with dresses and tracksuits.

Metallic shades are new to the trend

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The winter season can simply rule in terms of fashion if worn out well. Kids metallic shades like golden winter jacket and silver down jackets in winters collection can rule! To beat the change of weather, the metallic shade jackets will be the right pick. 

Ruffles for outgoing girls

The ruffles styles, when combined with pink colour, can create a big difference when worn out. Young girl’s mothers can choose it to dress their daughter’s in different ways and style like opt for dresses, knitted jumpers, skirts and pants too.

Organic is a must 

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There are many popular kids brand that produces clothing with earth in mind. The organic dress can simply stand out and can be easily combined with soft, natural colours and great basics. It can be confidently worn out throughout the year and mixed and matched easily.  


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Why not gift your girl a beautiful tutu dress this season? The tutus will be one best style that will easily add charm and cuteness to your little girl. Shop some best tutu dress and tutu skirt from the online store and get the opportunity to look on top of your fashion game. This style is also loved by many women, so grab the best Tutus now and for yourself and your child and matches your daughter outfit with your outfit.

Hope, this guide has helped you in knowing the latest fashion prevailing in the market and how you can fetch it into your wardrobe and look on top of your fashion game.