A Quick Look Into The Mouth-Watering And Flavoursome Malaysian Food

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jun 05, 2018


For a great holiday, you need do a lot of research and planning beforehand. Traveling to the new place might ask you do proper research about the place, people, culture, and food. If you are holidaying in Malaysia, and wondering what all food you must try over here then this post implies for you. the post will answer all your queries and will help you out know more about its culinary culture. 

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"Nasi Lemak, A Must-Try Staple Food Of Malaysia, Is Flavorsome And Filling!"

Your trip to Malaysia is incomplete if you don't try Nasi Lemak, an egg or basil fried rice flavored with the goodness of peanuts, cucumber slivers, and a hot-sweet sambal paste. Nasi Lemak is usually accompanied with lamb curry. Besides Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, dosas, puris and noodle made of wheat, rice, vermicelli and moong dal are some other must-try food staples in Malaysia. 



"Gorge On The Mouth-Watering Laksa, A Popular Street Food In Malaysia"


While traveling to Malaysia, don't forget to gorge on one of the most popular street food, Laksa, yet another authentic Malaysian food you must try to enrich your taste buds with flavors that tastes simply amazing. Laksa is typically a dish consisting of thin-rice noodles dunked into a bowl full of piquant coconut milk along with fresh herbs and is topped with fried peanuts, onions, tofu puffs, bean-sprouts, silky chicken shreds and lime wedges. Besides this, Satay is also a must try. Satay is a particular cuisine that has evolved with the combination of Malay, Chinese and Thai inspired flavors. 

Vegetarian Fare!


"Tofu Satay Is Quite Popular Among Veggie Lovers"


As you know that Malaysia does not experience distinct seasons and so here you will enjoy the goodness of fresh veggies year-round. For veggie lovers traveling to this wonderful travel destination, there are plenty of food options to choose from. Stir-fried vegetables such as mushrooms, greens, eggplant, beans, gourds, water-chestnuts, etc., flavored with basil, ginger, and lemongrass is widely popular among vegetarians. Vegan dishes such as noodle soup mee Kari, tofu satay, spiced vegetable rojak salad and spicy Mee Goreng are some must-try delicacies for vegetarians. 

Exotic Fruits!


"Don't Forget To Try Exotic Rambutan Which is Quite Similar To The Luscious Lychees"

While you are in Malaysia, don't forget to try out tropical goodies such as the Rambutan (lychee) to enjoy a sour and sweet treat. Considered as the "Queen of fruits" the fruit is widely famous for its flavors. A vacuum-packed box full of Rambutan is worth taking back to your native place. 

So, these are some must-try food items that you shouldn't miss to taste while traveling to Malaysia. Also, grab Fave voucher codes to enjoy great discounts in all top-rated restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.