Bargain Lovers Will Love To Shop In Malaysia!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 22, 2016

Do you also hunt for discounts and sale while shopping? Or a shopping spree sans bargain is tasteless for you? OMG, you are my soul sister ;) You will be impressed to know that I am very good at bargaining and have the addresses of all the popular spots offering stuffs at mouthwatering rates!!!

Hmmm, I can see the happiness on your face and moreover curiosity to know the names of those spots where shopping becomes double fun. Though, I have names of pocket-friendly shopping spots world-wide but would take you on a ride to Malaysia, where shopping is in fashion in not amongst locals but by the tourists also.

Smart shoppers are not the one, who just go for discounts or bargains but also give priority to quality of the goods purchased and if you are one of a kind then you will love to visit these 5 spots in Malaysia.

So shall we begin the shopping spree? Is there any chance of me getting any reward in disclosing these wonderful shopping spots ;) Okay, just kidding, am your friend and need nothing in return but your companionship!!! So let’s get started.  

Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall

Alright, don’t frown reading the word mall, as sometimes mall can offer price-less shopping too! Almost every floor on this mall is filled with boutiques selling affordable shoes, clothes, accessories, bags and other fashionable items. 

You can enjoy a taxi ride from KLIA to Berjaya Times Square that would only cost approximately RM80.

Low Yat Plaza

Buying electronics can be a great idea if you can get to the Low Yat Plaza in Malaysia. The place is popular for selling electronic items at a cheaper price. Whether its mobile phones, lap tops, computers or game stations, tablets, cameras and more all can be found there at an amazing price.

Central Market

Try and take the easier way i.e. via LRT. Get on the Kelana Jaya Line and make your way to the Pasar Seni LRT Station. After a few minutes of walking, you will reach Central Market. 

Wondering what is there? Well, there you can shop some of the best handicrafts and souvenirs for your loved ones that too in the budget! 

Amcorp Mall

Like to maintain a collection of antiques or knick-knacks? Then you ought to visit the Amcorp Mall on Saturday and Sunday as a popular flea market takes place there. There you can find the pre-loved clothes, books, toys, leather shoes, old cassettes/records/cd’s, movie posters, collectible beer mugs, unique accessories, lamps, and much more. 

You can reach there via rail from KL Sentral to Taman Jaya. From there you can reach the mall after 2 min walk.


For book lovers again Amcorp mall is a great spot but not the flea market. Instead check out the book store, BookXcess. The store offers brand new books -paperback and hardcover – audio books, imported magazines, and loads of other reading materials for a bargain. 

So, whether your interest is girly shopping or buying stuffs for your loved ones, am sure these spots can get you everything you want to shop that too at attractive rates!!!

Happy Shopping and Take Care :)