Buy These Different Kinds Of Speakers For Your Home!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jan 22, 2018

When you have to buy a speaker, you check on various details that you need. From checking the decibels of audio to the price range; you make sure you choose the best one for yourself. 

These speakers are sometimes quite neccessary if you are planning a party and gathering a good number of people. as a party cannot be possible without a right speaker. There are various types of speakers available in the market from the subwoofer to electrostatic speakers, they have multi-purpose uses. 

If you have a good speaker at your home, you can easily create an audio system, regardless of the location. Yes, even if you are looking for a speaker for a party then these speakers will be very helpful.

So, go ahead and make your house a lively party venue these branded speakers. You can shop at Qoo10 and buy these different kinds of speakers available at very reasonable prices. Bring these party speakers into your home and transform your home into a party disk.

Dynamic Speakers

This type of speaker is the most common type of speaker, these and are typically passive speakers. They usually have one or more woofer driver that can generate low-frequency sound. Thus, this a perfect option to buy and produce high-frequency sound, or treble. 

The Professional audio dynamic speakers offer higher performance that will generate huge amplified sound in the room.

Subwoofer Speakers



These type of speakers are one-driver dynamic loudspeakers with a single woofer driver. Thus, you can easily carry it at any place, as these are enclosed that includes a bass port to increase low-frequency performance. 

Therefore, if you have to buy this one these speakers will surely transmit bass or low-frequency sound and are used to enhance bass from main speakers in a multi-speaker system.

Horn Speakers

 Horn speakers are very similar to dynamic speakers as they can be used in similar drivers. They are arranged well at the small end of a cone-type structure. 

Thus, if you are looking to buy these traditional type of speaker ten you are investing your right money. They will offer a high degree of sensitivity and transmits sound in large areas.

Electrostatic Speakers


These electrostatic speakers are a type of flat-panel loudspeaker or diaphragm speaker. They highlight one driver and a thin membrane over two conductive, stationary panels. 

Thus, you can buy this to have an outside power source and are filled into an electrical outlet. Also, these are surely the right and advanced speakers that are often used for high frequencies and are not ideal speakers for bass.

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