Don't Be Calm During Your Summer Holidays, Say Hello To Malaysia ,It's Time For Sun, Sand and Sea!!

Post by Priyanka Gupta | May 11, 2017


What are your plans for this summer vacations? Are you planning to travel with your friends or family? Do you want to spend some quality time with your family this summer? Are you searching for a place which removes all your stress? Do you want to experience everything at one place? Is Malaysia in your list? If not then it’s time to add it and explore the place.

“MALAYSIA, the only place where you will experience both surprising and shocking moments at the same time”

Every time as soon as the vacations start we sit with our family and planned for the trip because summer vacations are the only time when we visit to our nani’s, aunts and grandparents house to meet then and have some wonderful moments with our family which we miss during our daily routine.

Life in Malaysia is more than awesome, the place will fill your lives with many jaw dropping lifetime moments. So, it’s time to make the most of your expat life. It’s a place which offers something to everyone so you don’t have to copy others, do what you like and from adventure to beaches to pubbing and explore each and every corner of Malaysia. So, it’s time to get a life changing experience.

Malaysia has variety of thing to offers from its delicious culinary cuisines to enjoying at beach and other exotic places. To what are you waiting for book your tickets to Malaysia and let the amazing trip begin. Let’s explore some of the things for which the place is popular around the globe:

 Malaysia, a shopper paradise

I think the solo reason we visit different places is shopping. Every girl is a shopping lover and Malaysia avails you many amazing places to satisfy your shopping carvings.Pavilion on Bukit Bintang and Suria Shopping Center at KLCC are the most popular shopping street where you will find every small essentials for you. So, girls enjoy shopping and let your husband or boyfriend show how much they love you.


Plenty of good food 

Well if you are not foodie then you will not be able to experience culinary dishes for which most people visit. Due to it's multi cultural diversity the place offers diverse variety of food from which you can choose the best for you. From Indian to Chinease to Thai it fulfill your every small wish in terms of food. In Malaysia everything else come after the food so first feed your stomach.


Go for Adventure

born for adventure? Are you a one wno want adventure in every day of your life so Malaysia is craving you. It's a place which offers many adventurous sports to it's visitors. Places like Borneo, deep in Sarawak’s Gunung Mulu National Park gives you the most thrilling experience of your life with all its wild sports like river rafting, climbing and many more. So, are you exciting to experience the thrill?


Multicultural Malaysia

Malaysia is a place where people of different religion, culture and tradition lead a peaceful life. from muslims to Chinease the place is full of multi culture people who follow their own religion and there is nobody to ask you why you are doing so. it's a place where every festivals and events are celebrated by all and with jollity. So, if you want to see how differnt perspective people can be together then Malaysia is a must visit. The religion is a vital feature of life in Malaysia.


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