Eat, Stroll, Shop In The Beautiful Land Of Malaysia!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Aug 23, 2016

Take vacations as you can always make money but you can’t always make memories, is this thought inspiring enough for aspiring travellers or we pour in some more travel goals for you? Still skeptical, well then let us take you to a place which is like heaven on earth. We are talking about Southeast Asia’s one the most beautiful country, Malaysia.


For those, who have a fancy for travelling but are simultaneously doubtful of the bizarre experiences waiting for them, you surely need to travel Malaysia, where shimmering sand, frothy water and sky-touching mountains are waiting for you. 

This picturesque tropical land of Southeast Asia will not leave you dishearten if you are ready to explore it with your heart open. An assortment of culture, people, food and scenic sights, Malaysia is definitely a place to discover. Let us give you a few more reason to visit this exotic location. 


If you are a beach bum and love lying under the sun then Malaysia is the right destination for you. The lovely Pangkor Island, stretched on the west coast of the country is house to unspoilt golden sand and great Malaysian cuisine. 

Pantai Teluk Belanga is another island, where you can enjoy a lovely beach time. Also, called as emerald bay the beach looks beautiful with soft golden sand and calm emerald-green water. 

Langkawi Island, is an ultimate escape for beach lovers. The moderate water temperature, allows water babies to swim in it. However, sometimes the beautiful jelly fish could hinder your smooth swim. 

Tioman Island, situated in the South-East Mainland, is one the most striking waterfront in the east coast. It is a great destination for nature lovers, golfers and especially underwater enthusiasts. The golden sandy beaches backed by tropical jungle, makes it look more alluring. 


Malaysia is all about food. Even the locals there love to eat out instead of eating at home. Food at pocket-friendly rate is one major reason why people love to eat out. So if you plan a trip to Malaysia don’t bother about food, as getting tasty food is easy and affordable there. 

Malaysia’s food culture can be roughly divided into three parts Malay, Indian and Chinese, which means no matter what taste you have you will never have to starve when exploring that beautiful land.

When in Malaysia, do give a shot at these mouth-watering foods such as Tanjung Tualang Fresh River Prawns, Charsiew Rice, Nasi Kandar, Sang Har noodles, Nasi Lemak and Bakuteh. Though there are many more but these are the popular ones. 

Street Foods


Be a local and enjoy the local street food in Malaysia. If you are strolling the streets of Kuala Lumpur, then head for Chinatown’s famed Petaling Street night market for Chinese specialties. If you want to try Malay food then make sure to visit the Saturday night market in Kampung Bahru. 

Makan means eat there, and bungkus means takeaway, learn these words as hawkers there might ask you this question!


If you are a people’s person then you would love to explore variety of people, culture and languages prevailing in Malaysia. The main cultural groups besides native Malays are Chinese and Indians. 



Somewhat like Singapore, Malaysia also witnesses frequent festivals and it’s all because of the diverse cultures prevailing there. Besides important festivals like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and more, Malaysians also celebrate festivals like Mid-Autumn Festival and Malaysian Day. 

So travellers, who want to make their trip even more exciting can wait for the month of festivities and make their trip worth.


From huge malls to street shops, Malaysia has all for shopaholics. You can’t explore all the shopping spots in limited time you  have their so it would be wise if you walk down to these places and get your bags full with variety of stuffs. 

The Curve, a magnanimous mall of Kuala Lumpur will blow your mind with its beautiful architecture and most importantly with its stores. 

Hardcore shoppers will never feel satisfied if they don’t get to bargain so walk down the Petaling Street Market to feel the real essence of Malaysian shopping spree. 

Central Market another important halt for shoppers. The best part about the market is that its interiors are themed according to the culture of Malaysia. 


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