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Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 22, 2019

genting highlands

Widely known as a self-proclaimed City of Entertainment and Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands is a cool hill station blessed with the backdrop of the majestic 100 million years old rainforest and mountain. It is an integrated hill resort with fun theme parks, shopping centers, hotels, and casinos. It is perched on Mt. Ullu Kali’s peak at about 1,800 meters high.


The hill station is nestled near the border of the states Selangor and Pahang. If this holiday season, you are thinking to escape the city heat and hustle, then Genting Highlands is an ideal weekend getaway destination connected by major highways and cable car service from Gohtong Jaya.


Often acknowledged as a premier hillside destination of Malaysia, the Genting highlands mountain peak getaway is an Asian-style Las Vegas of the country. You will find everything from casinos to happening nightlife to luxury hotels; the hill station is for all. So, this holiday season, you must plan a getaway to Genting Highlands and for best travel deals you must sign up to leading travel websites.


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Now that you are known that, from where you can book the best value for money holidays; take a look at the following comprehensive Genting highlands travel guide –


How To Reach?

Genting highlands is easily accessible by car and it takes an only 1-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. By car, the hill resort is just 35 km away from Kuala Lumpur. The other way to reach this hilly region is a by cable cars – Genting Skyway which was the longest and fastest gondola ride and Awana Skyway is the new station to take cable car journey to Genting Highlands. for your convenience, you can even book your tour to this fascinating hilltop with Tripcarte at discounted rates, simply by availing Tripcarte promo code or Tripcarte coupon code.


Climate In Genting Highlands

With spring-like climate, the yearly temperature of this place is rarely higher than 25 degrees C, the temperature here, hardly fall below 25 degrees C.


Genting Highlands Attractions–

Genting highlands theme parks

1 # Genting Outdoor Theme Park!

It is the largest family attraction in Genting highlands that offers a plethora of amusement rides and recreational activities. Located within the cooling and relaxing environment of mountain slopes, Genting Outdoor Theme Park features around 50 types of exciting and fun rides including Ferris wheels, roller coasters, swings, trains, cars, ships and carousels that tumble up in the air and barrel down straight into the water or crawl slowly along the steel track.


2 # Skytropolis Funland

Spanning over an area of 400,000 sq. ft., Skytropolis Funland is a newly opened indoor theme park perfect for families, children, and thrill-seekers. Replacing the old First World theme park, the indoor park features a total of 21 fun and most entertaining rides. Some of the popular rides every visitor must try when in Skytropolis Funland are –


Best Children rides –

  • Jumping Spurs – A min jump tower with mild climbs and drops for children with a height ranging between 92cm to 122cm. Kids can enjoy the ride only under the supervision of their parents
  • Whirly bugs – It is a fun gigantic bug ride for little ones who love mild spinning
  • Boo Boo Bump – You kids will surely going to love this miniature version of bumping car fun activity over here

Best Family rides –

  • Skyscraper – A medium thrill Ferris wheel with colorful gondolas offering magnificent views of the park from a particular height. Kids under 90cm of height are not allowed to take the ride
  • Royal Carousel – It is a double story carousel adorned with carved chariots and horses that go round and round
  • Space Cadets – Guest under 80 cm height are not eligible to take this another most fun ride. It is a ride with a controllable flying motion

Best Thrill ride –

  • Spin Crazy – It is a giant pendulum ride that spins to provide 360 degrees vies or the city. People under the of 130 cm and above 194 com are not allowed to witness the attraction
  • Music Express – Twirl, Whirl and surge, it is another must-experience fast-spinning turbulent ride that slopes down and backward to add some thrill and excitement
  • Power Surge - It is an intense high flying ride with upside- down and spinning motion

3 # Snow World

Snow World is a winter village located in First World Resorts. Found in a European-style attraction with igloo houses and tobogganing, visitors will experience a sub-zero environment full of life-like snowfalls, ancient Roman castle’s relics and changing day-to-night sceneries. While you are here you must explore the 3D Art Attraction area where you can click pictures on different themes like-

  • Join the royal delicious meal at The King’s Feast
  • Feel like a real hero when you march home with victory at Knight On Horse
  • Know what spooky witches are up at Witches’ Liar
  • Get yourself captured in a Masterpiece portrait
  • Strengthen the army to save the Falling Bridge
  • Hideaway almost anywhere

4 # The VOID

To provide that first immersive VR experience in Asia, The VOID was built. It is another must-visit attraction in Genting highlands that combines Hollywood characters and storylines with physical stages, multi-sensory effects and state-of-the-art technology. The place offers the most immersive VR experience in the world and techies must visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

Currently, The VOID is offering the following experiences –

  • Star Wars: Secret of Empire
  • Ralph Breaks VR
  • Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment
  • Ghostbusters: Dimension

Genting Highlands Hotels –

genting highlands hotels

1 # First World Hotel

It is the world’s largest hotel located in Genting Highlands Malaysia which offers everything, convenient locations, easy access, modern amenities, excellent hospitality services and of course best-in-class accommodation. First World Plaza, Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, SkyAvenue and Genting International Convention Center are all located close by to this luxury hotel. It offers comfortable and spacious rooms suitable for visitors of all budget and preference.


Main Amenities-

  • 6083 elegantly designed guestrooms
  • 2 on-site restaurants
  • Fitness center, business center, garden

2 # Resort Hotel – Resorts World Genting

For that restful, cozy and peaceful stay with modern amenities, Resort Hotel is the best place to stay. The offers plush beds and comfy amenities to suit the requirements and preferences of all types of guests. Note that, Resort Hotel at Resorts World Genting is an ideal family-friendly accommodation which offers guestrooms categorized into different categories including Deluxe King, Deluxe Twin, and Mezzanine Deluxe room.


Main Amenities –

  • 835 lavish guestrooms
  • Free theme park shuttle
  • Bar/lounge, business center, and well-landscaped garden

3 # Maxims Hotel – Resorts World Genting

Maxims Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel in Genting highlands that enables its guests to indulge in modern luxuries of sophisticated and elegantly designed guestrooms along with premium hotel amenities. Awarded as “One of finest accommodation property in the world 2018”, you will surely be charmed with timeless elegance and distinguished services offered over here.


Main Amenities –

  • 845 well-appointed guestrooms with plush amenities
  • Guestrooms are categorized into – The Villa, Duplex Suite, Executive King, Executive Twin, Premier King, Premier Twin, Deluxe King, and Deluxe Twin
  • Casino and Nightclub for happening night scenes
  • Bar/lounge and restaurant  for a culinary experience
  • Business center, Arcade room, etc., are other amenities

4 # Genting Grand – Resorts World Genting

Awarded with the trademark Genting Logo, the luxurious property of Genting Grand in Resorts World Genting is the most recognizable and booked hotel on the peak. It is a 50star hotel known for its class and elegance and it indulges its guest in sheer luxuries of modern lifestyle living.


Main Amenities –
  • 745 tastefully designed rooms and suites including Club suite and Grand Premier
  • A Casino for some fun night scenes
  • A full-service spa for pampering treatments and beauty services
  • On-site restaurant providing delightful delicacies
  • Garden, business center and Childcare center

Genting Highlands Nightlife –

genting highlands nightlife

Often recognized as the City of entertainment, Genting Highlands which is located within proximity of Titiwangsa Mountains provide sparkling nightlife. At night the hill station is crowded with party animals. Following are few must-visit Nightclubs and bars over here, take a look at it –

  1. All Sports Bar – A sports bar with three giant screens eight LCD TVs and 2 50-inch plasma screens broadcasting sports programs. Here you will be served with the usual assortment of beverages and finger food.
  2. Cloud 9 – It is another most popular club in Genting highlands with sporting neon pillars swaying R&B hits, thumping hip hop beats and a fully stocked bar. The bar goes crowded usually on weekends. It features live bands on certain nights.
  3. Starworld – Sitting in the First World Hotel Plaza, Starworld is a popular gaming venue. It is a famous casino with state-of-the-art slot machines and classic table games.
  4. Patio Bar & Lounge – It is a casual outlet in Genting highlands which serves a vast variety of morsels, beverages and plays great music. It also features live bands on certain days. Food and drinks over here are quite reasonable.

Genting Highlands Shopping -

genting highland shopping

With great dining and accommodation, Genting Highland is also known for its great shopping venues where you can purchase some unique and distinct souvenirs. The tourist-friendly hilltop is decked out in Vegas-style shopping with various shopping markets that are listed below. Take a look –

  1. SkuAvenue Genting -  It is one of the most popular shopping venues in Genting highlands that offers a vast variety of retail, entertainment and dining outlets. Most of the shops, cafes, and restaurants in this shopping market open between 10 am to 10 pm, but the entertainment venues like SkyCasino or Picture House Cinema are open until late every day.
  2. First World Plaza – Located in First world Hotel, The first world Plaza is a colorful mix of retail shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs and raucous theme park rides.
  3. Asian Cultural Village – Withjust 12 stall representing different countries and selling their unique items, Asian Cultural Village is another must-visit shopping venue for purchasing Asian handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs.

So, that's a wrap to the comprehensive guide to Genting Highlands and its thems parks. If you wish to enjoy an exclusive discount on every booking of getaways to this wonderful place with Wonderfly, make sure to use Wonderfly voucher code or Wonderfly promo code.

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