Famous Restaurants You Must Be Visiting To Taste Some Authentic Malaysian Food!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Nov 14, 2017

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Magnificent attractions, spell-bounding historic monuments, tranquil beaches, fun-filled amusements parks, serene national parks and larger than life shopping centers, Malaysia is a real gem in its true sense. A place boasting a perfect mix of modernity and tradition. 

When talking about Malaysian food, I must say this place is truly a food heaven. From Nasi Lemak to Laksa, from Bak Kuh Teh to Satay, from Raoti Canai to Cendol, you will find Malaysian cuisine truly amazing. Further, you will find an endless number of eating points over here. 

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Straits Affair, Melaka

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An absolutely relaxing place to visit, Straits Affair is Malak's hotspot destination for most of the local residents. If you wish to taste some authentic Peranakan food, then this place is ideal for you. Furthermore, you will also get to know more about the Peranakan historical background in its atmosphere and the staff. Straits affair is perfect for those who love local and traditional Peranakan food & culture.  

Haroo Story, Langkawi

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Located in the close proximity of the famous shopping center "Langkawi Fair", The Haroo Story is yet another ideal eating joint for those who want to enjoy sumptuous Korean food in a very friendly and overwhelming atmosphere. It is Korean culture cafe where you will not only get to taste authentic Korean cuisine but will also get know more about the Korean culture as well. Haroo story is designed in a Zen-like style, with utmost simplicity of delicately painted calligraphy art accentuated interiors, moss-grown rocks and crooked branches. 

As soon as you enter this place, you will be mesmerized by the ambiance and excellent hospitality over here. Plus, the feeling of having authentic Korean food in its origin will indeed leave you spellbound. 

Quivo, Kuala Lumpur 

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A very popular Al Fresco restaurant & bar buzzing with lip-smacking flavors and life, Quivo is truly a Mediterranean lifestyle concept fine-dine. Quivo is a perfect mix of creatively crafted cocktails and sun-kissed food set in an urban and intimate space ready for drinking, flirting and mingling with beautiful people. Guests will get to savor their taste buds with some contemporary Mediterranean flavors. 

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