Find The Young And Innovative Malaysia In Its Cafes!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 11, 2016

Hello, friends!!! So, all set to explore your favorite city Malaysia? Need a min to settle down? No problems, I can always wait for you all, after all, I love to accompany you. 

Thinking where are we heading today? Well, it’s a place where like minds meet, new ideas are born, laughter and sorrows are exchanged and sometimes strangers become friends too! 

Aha, it’s not any wonderland in Malaysia but the creative cafeterias I am eager to discuss with you all. Yup, your trip will go waste if you never visited the exceptional cafes in Malaysia. No, am not overrating them!

Earlier, I have suggested you many places where to visit, also shared what’s the fashion trend going on along with appeasing the adventure lovers by naming them spots to calm down their adventurous bug.

However don’t you think experiencing the carefree lifestyle of Malaysia won’t add an extra flavor to your journey? Hmmm, sounds cool, right? Well, where can you get the maximum Gen-Y gentry enjoying their life forgetting all worries? It’s the cafes!!!

Malaysia houses numerous cafes situated in its walkways and each has the ability to impress you with its uniqueness and innovation. So are you all also willing to explore some of the best cafes in Malaysia? Then the wait is over? Come along. 

It’s time to feel the aroma of coffee blended with novelty and modernism. Hope you can control your senses smelling and watching such alluring coffee treats. Coz I can’t. 

Namoo Cafe On the Park

Namoo on the Park is a peculiar Korean café in Malaysia. With its laidback vibe it is the perfect place to grab a latte. Not to forget this is one place where Salted Caramel Bingsu is served.

Whimsical – Gelateria & Caffe

If you are a big fan of Cielo Dolci, you will love Whimsical Café. The café is also home to the popular Cotton Candy Affogato.  You would love to see the cotton candy melts slowly and reveal the delicious mess as you pour the espresso over it.

Yellow Brick Road + Wicked Pancake Parlour

Here you can enjoy pancakes that are lighter and made fluffy to accommodate the intense taste of the lightly curried and buttercream chicken. They are so good that it’s almost unmanageable to accommodate visitors over the weekend. Hmm, note it down to be there when in Malaysia.

The Owls Café

If Waffles are your weakness? Then Owl’s Café is the address to get the best of them (obviously blended with innovation). Though, the café is usually full during their working hours but relax as they have parking spaces. You can enjoy the view of high-rise living of Bukit Jalil by the glass window. 


Along with loving the brew and food here, you would love the interior of this place where you will feel sitting in a glass house enjoying the natural light.

Here you can enjoy French toast served with a fresh berry compote, espresso ice cream, and mocha sauce. 

Okay, so now you know here to go to find the cool Malaysians ;) Till we meet next keep exploring and stay happy. Take care.