Follow a Nutritional Plan To Retain Ageless Beauty

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 19, 2017

Your lifestyle and dietary habits are often blamed for poor health and parched skin. Although hydration is necessary for glossy skin, a well-balanced diet is needed to keep your youthful looks. You have to be constantly conscious of the possible food triggers that are causing you skin problems and impacting on your beauty. Sometimes, however, you can be proactive in protecting yourself. For example, a plant-based wholesome diet like fish oil or vitamin E can help calm inflammatory skin conditions. 

Here are some of the ideas to streamline your diet to maintain a healthy and hydrated skin.

Boost Your Collagen

The quality of our skin depends on the collagen content of our skin. The protein, Collagen, is responsible for smoothening our skin and removing wrinkles. For many women, this fibrous protein collagen is the hidden miracle behind glowing hair, flawless skin and healthy-looking nails. But after you reach 25, it is made less efficiently and our body has to receive it from elsewhere. The problem is that the Western diet deprives us of such opportunities. This is precisely the reason as to why there is a need to go for the collagen enriched powders and supplements that are derived from grass-fed cows and fish. The amino-acid laden nutrition bars also contain collagen. Furthermore, it is possible to add collagen to smoothies, with famous celebrities like Jennifer Aniston using collagen in her smoothie recipes. 


Your Health Dose-The Multifunctional Beverages

The days of sugary vitamin-dusted waters are gone. Now, you have Rebbl’s organic beverages. These medicinal drinks will soon crowd the market as they are super-healthy and multi-functional. Whether you require a protein drink or simply a drink to enhance and support your health, the drink is for you. Many shops are offering Rebbl's organic blends or Torii Lab's Awake Tonics, but they are available online as well. It is a widely-accepted fact that herbs and natural extracts do affect your appearance and improve your mind set.


Lack of Fats In Diets

There are many reasons for dry skin, such as excessive amounts of alcohol or high amounts of caffeine from your coffee. Coffee, as a diuretic, can lead to skin dehydration. You should also keep away from energy drinks and consume almost negligible amounts of tea or coffee. 

Fat deficiency can also cause dry skin; therefore, one should look to include good fats from oily fish, olive oil or avocados. They provide fat-soluble nutrients and being anti-inflammatory they can also boost your skin health. You should also raise the intake of nutrients like vitamins A, C and E, along with antioxidants like elderberries. This, combined with a diet that is replete with plant foods, nuts, fruits, legumes and wholegrain foods will make for a more radiant skin. 

Bolster your immune system with these quality foods that will have a positive impact on your gut bacteria as well as your general health and appearance. 

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