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Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Oct 30, 2017

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Malaysia, a city whose name has been taken in fair credits when you think of cities pertaining to street foods. Not only street foods but be it be any sort of cuisine Malaysia is the perfect place to relish the palates.

Get yourself drooling over the streets that are simply economical and highly affordable. The main reason for the drooling taste of foods in Malaysia is the influx of immigrants who would make their way into the city to grapple the lip-smacking connoisseur.

There are enormous flooded streets with amazing foods that stretch with the longer ques that extends up to an elongated extension that manages the food satisfaction of each member waiting on the street to relish the taste of the foods.

.Fave will now ensure that you grapple on some amazing food samples that will give you the same authentic taste of Malaysia. Grab the most delicious taste of eminent foods over the streets of Malaysia and enjoy your food time.

Assam Laksa

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The rice noodles with a fishy soupy flavor, that must be your first preference once you enter into the streets of Malaysia for food.

Nasi Lemak or Fatty Rice

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A palate satisfying dish which is also termed as a national dish and is quite over the streets of Malaysia. It is generally presented with a range of curries. The fatty rice gives you the authentic flavor.

The Beef Rendang

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If you have the desire to grab this lip-smacking dish then get hold of the delicious taste that will make you more attractive towards the dish and also you would get the amazing taste at a very economical price.


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A coconut Ice-cream which is probably the stealing taste of Malaysian dessert that will occupy half of the space left in your stomach. After grappling this taste you might dwell upon this particular flavor for sure.

Get your Fave Voucher Codes and enjoy the astounding taste of Malaysia!

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