Give your Palate A Delicious Kick With A Lip-Smacking Taste!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Oct 06, 2017

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Every traveller has a rare food experience when they set their foot on foreign lands and the classified gourmets can speak at length uninterruptedly on this subject. But without a doubt, the food, dining and local cuisines of any place becomes its trademark and lends a distinctiveness to the place. 

Malaysia has earned a name for its local cuisines starring recipes like the aromatic meat stew called Redang or its favourite bread which is the golden roti that is flaky.

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Nasi Lemak or Fatty Rice

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This is a palate satisfying dish which is also termed and is quite eminent as the national dish of Malaysia and is basically a dish of rice that is steamed with coconut milk and is served with anchovies. It is generally presented with a range of curries.

The Beef Rendang

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If you desire to grab this lip-smacking dish then this is treasured curry recipe of Malaysia, It is a dish that is slowly cooked and requires fat on the meat for it to taste succulent and soft. In this dish by varying the proportion of chillies and sugar a complete range of flavour can be produced.

Sago Pudding

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This is an exclusively a Malaysian dessert which is prepared from three ingredients that is sago pearls which are immersed in the creamy milk of coconut and is dipped in the sweet aroma of palm sugar syrup that results in this delicious dessert that you like to tuck into repeatedly

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