Going To Malaysia? 3 Things To Know Before Your Trip

Post by Sameena Farooq | May 18, 2018

Traveling is quite a fun activity to do. When you decide to travel to a place you always check on its services and locations and then when you find the perfect option when you make it your ideal place to travel.

Choosing to travel to Malaysia is also a great option to try. You have several options to view and several options. Therefore, Malaysia will definitely prove to be a great hot-spot destination where every tourist will have a blast.

All that fun options to do means you are a vacation where you enjoy some of the endless options to do, so whether you want to enjoy an award-winning memory or your pasembur in Penang, and return to Jim Thompson's last steps in the Cameron Highlands or also you could try to swim with hammerheads off Sipadan Island; all these activities are offered by Malaysia and its time for you to roll over these exciting things.

But there a few constants in the confusion to keep in mind as you plan for that complete trip. Here in this post, you will definitely get a deep insight into the best place to travel and best places to see.

Everyone can fly

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So, you just have to go to AirAsiaGo site and enter your travel dates and locations and then it will show you the best result listed where you can easily find the best and cheap flight tickets.

Duty-free places

If hedonistic hunts put large holes in your travel budget, then you should reconsider going at excise rate paid on beer in Malaysia. It is the second highest duty-free land in the world that allows some of the variety of places that are a must visit.

Luckily, islands such as Tioman, Langkawi, and Labuan are all entitled tax-free zones. So you can plan to go in these places and try out the quality booze and smokes. Even the government tariffs are also suspended on hotels and decided retail goodies.

The term "bacon" is used loosely

According to Singapore-based Muslim travel consultancy Crescent Rating, Malaysia has surpassed the list of the world's most Muslim-friendly holiday destinations for the third time.

One of the big criteria adopted for the survey was a passage to halal-compliant food. This means that you can try out this tasty local dish of Malaysia and have a great trip bu having the tasty food. You will find bacon at most hotel breakfast buffet lines.

These things are just not enough to make you inspire about Malaysia but there are many more exciting reasons that make traveling to Malaysia an exciting thing which one must surely try in their lifetime.