Have A Whale Of A Time At The Enticing Bistros Of Malaysia

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 09, 2016

Hello party animals! We have reached the time of the year when we need no reason to party and there’s none to stop us. But then why make it a usual one? When you can add exotic colors and pump up the base with enticing hip hop clubs of Malaysia

Malaysia has surely been the best keepers of exuberant nightlife and trendy clubs. The best part of Malaysian night clubs are that it has got a variety of them one that are located near the streets or you call’em the funky street clubs (Yeah! that added a swag to the name, didn’t it?) and the other that are over the rooftop blown up with embellishments within the five star hotels (ooh! That sounds classy!)

The best party scene begins when you’ve boozed up and got high on drinks, then your other phase makes you put the dance floor on fire! Ahaan, just kissed the words out of your mouth? *wink* *wink*

So, this party season let us take a ride on the Malaysian clubs and make our nights wild. 

Zouk Club One of the most exotic night clubs of Malaysia! Under a single rooftop it has got 11 different dance floors and you can experience one of the best “club-hopping” night at Zouk. This is one of those clubs where you expect a huge crowd also on weekdays and enjoy ‘Mambo Jambo’ night (as they call it, for the old school tracks!). Different days have got different themes moving on and it is the Friday night where Zouk gears itself up and witness the wild side.

PLAY Club The favorite pub of the clubbers who would like to check out the Rooftop clubs. The club is not exactly located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur but just a 15-20mins cab drive away! The club has strict rules for the dress code as well, so if you don’t follow it get ready to be pushed down from the rooftop! (haha,,just kidding!). However, the club has age limits set for the entry of ladies of 18 and gentleman 21 and above (Remember to carry your id cards!)

Rootz Dance Club The club that is one of the biggest competitors of Zouk. #1 Rootz has got a consistent and the most amazing crowd of Malaysia that you can see anywhere! The EDM music nights are the unforgettable ones! How can you think of completing your visit to the club without the dance? Though for boys I must say “Beware of the Bouncers!” You need to play really smart to get up and break the dance floor.

The Rabbit Hole This one is the new age clubbing concept bar located at the Changkat Bukit Bintang. Entice yourself and fulfill your wildest imaginations by hopping into the Rabbit Hole. The club has 6 different romoms namely: Bamboo Forest, Translate Art Bar, Arthur’s Lounge, Green Room, Reserved and Santorini. 

Sultan Lounge Wanna enjoy a classy and elegant night? A night that has easily exuding glitzy and glamorous vibe! Then Sultan Lounge at the KL City is the destination for you. The rich and sophisticated ambiance will make you drool over it. The drinks and cocktails are always high on the menu. The lounge being located in the basemen brings with it the mystic feel (ooh!!)

Hence these were a few clubs, lounge and bars that one could trip on at Malaysia. Pay a visit to these clubs and make this party season an unforgettable one! Hope to see you at the same space with some different topic to talk on!