Hikers!Get Ready For Best Hiking Trails Of Your Life

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 13, 2016

A big shoutout for all my daredevil buddies out there! All set for your next trip? You know hiking has always been my favorite thing too! I cannot get over it ever. Exploring into the lush rainforests, in the middle of nature, discovering its divinity and that traveller in me experiencing the tingling effect inside me of finding what I have always been dreaming of! I am sure this is just your case too!

What? Are you sitting back at home? Dude, like seriously? This is so not you! Oh, I get that here, you are unable to locate a place for your next headstrong trip destination, right? Caught ya! Well, guys you need not worry at all. I am here to unveil all your questions regarding this. You know what; Malaysia is one such place that unwrap so many hike trails for audacious people like you!

Yes, Malaysia is not only famous for shopping, street foods, pristine beaches and for being an epitome of cultures and traditions but is also a hide out for ardent adventurers like us. Yes, you got me right buddies! Malaysia has so many more terminuses, stuffs to explore and I promise it will leave you all surprised, speechless and shocked at the same time!

So, let us begin our virtual hiking and reveal you the insights of what the dramatic mountain ranges and magnificent nature of Malaysia has in store for you.

Gunung Angsi Before I begin with telling you anything about Gunung Angsi and hiking there, let me tell you that this hike trail is full of natural beauties and one that will sooth your eyes and leave you mesmerizing! Gunung Angsi is situated inside of Ulu Bendul Recreational Park. The nature lovers and hikers are going to fall in love with this place. The trails are steep but then morning or afternoon is the best option to hike in here.

Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing This hiking destination is located at the Petaling Jaya. This forest is one of the best hiking points for building up stamina by going on a morning hike to the ambitious one! There is no particular sign board showing directions; however it is advice to go upward in the path which will lead the hikers to the top of the watchtower. You know this is the best part about hiking you get to find and discover your own route! Though the trail is steep but the previous hikers have left their muddy footsteps behind making it easy for the next ones!

Bukit Chenuang The lush forest is located at the northern end of Ampat Hills. There are several natural hike trails to reach the summit and one can easily complete their hiking journey enjoying the amazing greenery around. However, out of many the most interesting one begins from the headquarters of Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest. The time taken to reach up is but so obviously more that coming down!

Bukit Saga, Cheras The beautiful waterfall can be located in the vicinity of Aphek Hills. There are two options which you can choose from either you can walk through the jungle route or the marked route. The hikers can expect many ascend and descend on their way despite of its low elevation. The difficulty level moves from a moderate to hard while you complete the trail within 4hours.

Sungai Ampang This one is one of the longest hike trails you may find in Malaysia. Travelers can find this place a few kilometers from the Zoo Negara beside Kampung Kemenseh. This trail has all in all 4 beautiful waterfalls on its way. While hiking here, you will be walking through shallow to knee-deep rivers most of the way so be sure to wear the right shoes and gear. 

Excited already? Yeah! It’s now time to pack your bags and get set for your next hiking trip to Malaysia! Until then will meet you at the same space, some other time.