How to Adopt Fashion Combinations for Your Skin Complexion?

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jan 03, 2019

The human being has been through a colossal disaster and turmoil caused due to the racist mindset. There is no doubt that every human deserves and should command the same respect irrespective of what his skin colour or ethnicity. There should be no place for any such ideology that considers one skin colour superior to others or vice versa. The fact is that every human being is different in appearance and has his or her own unique identity and we should not distinguish people on the basis these differences. Respecting every human being for what he is rather than how he looks should pave the way forward for the human race.  

It is only possible if we start embracing these differences and value each of these differences for how they are. This would only be possible if we treat each of these skin complexions with equal privilege. The fashion is certainly one of those industries that have been trying to break these clichés. This includes well-required attention to accommodate fashion trends in a way that incorporates the different skin tone and provide the desired adaptation for each of them to the best of their respective suitability.

You just can’t expect a fashion to create the same impact on two different persons of distinct skin complexion. It works the same way as the haircut is to the shape of the face; dress fitting is to the physique, styling is to body structure and so on. To buy the perfect fashion attires, you can use this Lazada Voucher and avail incredible discount offers on the top fashion brands.

Aesthetics of Skin Complexion And Dress Combinations

Colour has an overwhelming impact on how fashion enhances a person’s appearance. There are only a rare few combinations that are equally well suitable for all skin complexions. As a matter of fact, those are the book style formal attires which you can’t genuinely play with beyond a very limited extent. So to think that those attires represent the whole spectrum, in general, would be a bit over the top and exaggerated claim, to be honest. In the casuals, one has the liberty to alter the dressing and vary the combinations in very own customized way. At the end of the day, these variations are actually the point of inception of new ideas that keeps evolving the fashion trends with time.

But the most common practice of varying the combinations used in fashion should not be generalized too.  The variation doesn’t necessarily be put inside the same framework for every person. This becomes critically important due to the fact that each person does not share the skin colour or complexion, and it would never work with the same combinations and patterns for each of the distinct human beings. SO here comes the key point, what can one do to get the right approach to fashion that suits an individual’s complexion.

To be brutally honest, fashion is no rocket science with a very calculated set of principles and equations that are compulsorily applicable for validation of a style or is all about how you package your appearance and how others perceive it to be. This is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. But one should also not go down as complete nutshell while experimenting with the hues and the combination of the entire dressing. If you push beyond the limit, either would bend the rules or you would end up in a mockery. So it is always better to understand that aesthetics of the perfect combinations of attire for your skin tone.

So just leave all your preconceived notions aside and start afresh. Figure out your skin complexion and get going with these articulated conceptual ideas to find the perfect colour and style combinations for yourself.

Fair/Pale Skin

This skin colour is least resistant to sunlight and harmful radiations which have been found in people of colder regions or their progenies. The fair or white skin essentially lacks the composition of melanocytes that is produced in the skin to protect itself from any harmful radiations emitted by the sun. So more often than not, white people would find themselves more troubled than any other human race and it should not surprise you to find a white guy looking for shade under the sun. So if you are one of those who just can’t stand the sun rays and would find your skin turned into a reddish tomato, you most likely own a pale fair skin complexion.     


Colours to Wear

The fair skin is very light in colour and would certainly not present itself in any combination that lacks a contrast of dark tone. The pale colour would feel even duller and awkward if paired with light hues. The dark contrast is the best way to give the outfit more impact and desirable impression. The trick is always about using the dark theme and playing around with the help of lighter shades to get a perfectly balanced dressing combination. This is not necessarily about going all dark which many people fail to understand. The most effective way of doing it is by adding a flavour of light shades around the basic theme i.e. dark. There are several colours which can give a very versatile base to vary the combinations on their heads. Colours such as grey, brown, green, navy and dark blue possess some of the most diverse combinations that can be tried on fair or pale skin.    

Colours to Avoid

The worst case of choice for any fair skin person is when he chooses to use soft, pastel or bright shades of colour as the basic premise of the dressing. This virtually makes them look more of a cadaver that anything else. The impact of neutral solid colours is also similar even though it does not make for as ridiculous a combination that softer and brighter colours can create. So it is always better for any fair-skinned man to avoid using the colours such as white, beige, camel tan, slate grey or any other crimson shade as a precautionary measure. I must clarify people should not mistake it as if a fair-skinned man can’t express himself in a colourful way. Of course, one can do it but not without giving it a darker bolder undertone which is essential to make the colour more presentable and catchy. 

Olive/Medium Skin

There is a massive majority of the Asian population that comes under this complexion and they are usually a bit more tanned and whitish in their skin colour. This type of skin is perfectly foiled by tanning under the sun and gives a tinge of darkness to make the skin tone more expressive and well-felt for others to see. This complexion has a plethora of choices to go with when it comes to choosing dress combinations which is not only complemented by the fact that this skin tone covers a wider range of colours but also has great tangibility to try random variations without looking absurd.  

Colours to Wear

There is a wide spectrum of colours which come under the nor too dark and nor too light category. For a matter fact, it would readily match most of the colours under the light spectrum by altering their impact from too much dark or too much light respectively. It is actually the middle ground which allows ample space for creative experiments and pairing up odd combinations and still manages to make them look good. Although it is always insisted to choose cooler shades for the basic theme and then try the variable components and alter the combinations at will. A fail-proof way of doing this is by keeping the hierarchy intact from lighter to darker or darker to lighter colours respectively while layering up. 

Colours to Avoid

The tan coloured skin always looks odd with yellow and green undertones so it is better to avoid such combinations and much wiser if you could keep the shades on more of cooler tones such as blue. The most favoured options are using the combinations that would give a contrasting effect on the skin tone. There are certain colours which come within the same shades of the colour spectrum and it is highly insisted that a person with a tan skin tone avoids them as it would be unnoticeable and ineffective for most parts of it. There are variations of skin tone that are put in this category fluctuating from anything that is a notch darker than the white up to the degree which is a notch higher than the dark skin tone. One who is closer to darker side can go with the lighter pastel colours but those on the lighter skin shade should abstain do follow the same.  

Darker Skin

The darker skin is the one which is closer to black colour with a heavy influence of the same. The Black population of the human race has been at the receiving end of a severe oppressive mentality that looked upon it as a disgraceful quality which is popularly known as racism. Even though this ideology has been dealt with and abandoned by the administrative authorities worldwide, it would still be wrong to assume that this superiority complex has been completely wiped as there are a few cases reported of racial slur every once in a while. But placing all these historical elements aside, one needs to acknowledge that the dark coloured skin is really blessed when it comes to fashion and dress combinations.

Colours to Wear

The Dark colour is perfectly foiled to match a majority of colour hues and thereby gives a plethora of combinations to choose from. The basic factor that works to give this leverage is that there is no risk of being washed out by different colour shades which is the case with people who have pale or lighter skin tone. Even if one can easily go with bold and expressive colours with dark skin such as dark blue, jaded green, and shiny orange but it is also important to balance it out to get a neutral impact in the overall attire combination. This is vital because one just can’t let a monotonous look overtake your fashion and spoil the basic dress appeal. So always go for a combination that holds the look together and has a desired balance of hues.  

Colours to Avoid

One colour that is an absolutely horrible choice for a dark skin tone is Brown. You just can’t expect the brown colour to leave any mark in the attire if used on a darker skin tone. There is no contrast between the two shades which pretty much spoils the look altogether. The colour such as carbon black and navy blue would be a better option if you want a darker theme but again, it should be very precisely used and that too within a limited minimalistic scope. Anything that is very dark in colour should be generally avoided by a dark-skinned man as a rule of thumb.

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