Know Which Lip Color Suits Your Skin Tone?

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 15, 2016

Hey all, hope you all are enjoying the nippy mornings and chilly winter nights! You know what I am very irked with the fact when people call me or any other women ‘choosy’. I mean they should understand that it’s not being choosy but being particular about what we want. Huh!!!

Yeah, the moment we start selecting dresses, jewellery, shoes, etc. men start to make frowning faces, murmuring Ufff….now will have to wait long to get the so called “perfect” thing. But we wish they ever realize how much pain we take to choose the best from the remaining so many best. I know it’s complicated but true we do so!! 

Anyway, leave these stupid men and their complaints at side coz taking stress can ruin your beauty. Aah, what an amazing word beauty is? Doesn’t it make you feel happy? I know it’s magical. But you know what there is something even more magical!

Well, it’s the little color stick in your bag which suddenly transforms your look. Yeah, you are right, it’s the lipstick. I call it magic wand and guess you would agree with me coz no other beauty product has such a graceful impact.

However, we women can never invest in something which don’t suit us whether it’s a dress or a lip color. Yup, it’s a fact that a lip color is even judged and matched according to skin tone. Pheww!!! So much to look after ;)

Okay as we know that skin tones is categorized in the following three categories Fair Skin, Olive Skin and Dark Skin. So obviously there are different needs and moods of distinctive skin tones, right?

So let’s find out which skin shade will suit you the most. 

Fair Skin Tone


It’s a myth that any lip color will suit the fair skin tone. Instead you need to be very careful while choosing your perfect shade. As it can make a big difference! In case you prefer light shades then choose the mauve, pink or pastel shades.

But if being bolder is your way then shades of orange, or fuchsia pink are the perfect colors for you all.

Olive Skin Tone

I think it’s the best skin tone as no matter if you wear dark shades or the lighter ones they will work wonder. When in a mood to look cool wear shades of purple (obviously the lighter tint). 

However, those who think their pout is their best asset can choose copper bronze, nudes and corals. 

Dark Skin Tone

Hey gal, you are the luckiest of all as you can pull of any shades from pastel to bolder ones. When in a mood to look chic, wear the cheerful orange and when preparing to slay down go for colors like burgundy and dark plum. 





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