Lets Revamp The World With Technology!

Post by Priyanka Gupta | Apr 05, 2017


"Necessity Is the Mother of Invention"

Today, technology is progressing far more than the human beings. The technology has increased the average lifetime of a human being especially in developed countries. Modern technology has made a huge impact on the entire globe and the solo reason for this is Internet, the biggest technology created by scientist so far which connect billions of people.

Technology has change the way of living and now it’s most vital part of today’s life. From last few years human beings have tried using technology to develop their lifestyle and ease of work.

The advancement of new technologies has being started since the evolution of human history and the beginning of technological era. The youth of today is using digital technology to an extent. Even a new born child knows how to use smartphones and laptops as they have learned to use it being inside their mother’s stomach.

With the advancement in every field like advanced agricultural techniques for farmers so that they are capable of producing more foodstuffs with less effort and expense. Advancement in medical field which offers advanced treatments and improved medicines. So nowadays, it’s necessary to give technological education to every child for future employment.

After establishing itself as an Asian tiger, Malaysia is now heading towards technology and improving it to help local industries ahead of their tough competition to achieve the goal of attaining high income by 2020.

The latest trend Malaysian businesses are focusing on is the Internet of Things (IoT) to approach cloud technology, which connects people and devices at a level that seems to be impossible at a time and now staff members will not be restricted in one office space, they will be allowed to work where they are comfortable.

As it is said earlier that if you want to introduce new techniques then first start it from school level so, the focus on technology starts at school. First schools will be equipped with wireless and netbook devices to create awareness amongst youth and that the good chance for the country to adapt new trends.

Now let’s check out some latest technology gadgets in Malaysia that bring a revolution in photography field and that will blow your mind:-

Action Cameras- 2016 was great in terms of adding new features to different products and enhance the quality of product. Action camera also saw rise and adding some mind-blowing features to improve your experience like- GPS, voice control, gyroscopes, and image stabilization.

You will have wide variety of choices when it comes to buy an action camera in Malaysia but what matter the most id the quality of picture. The most popular brand in the category are- GoPro, Veho and Sony as you will get what you pay for.

GoPro Action Camera


DSLRs- Nowadays, everybody is fond of DSLRs, it’s a new trend in the market. Most of the youngsters want travel the world with their DSLRs even if you are having an i-phone in your pocket. But if really photography is your passion then DSLRs are for you as with them you will get every minute details of your subject. The best DSLRs in the market are- Nikon Digital Slr D3200 , Samsung Nx2000


Drone- We are living in an era where every morning we are introduce with new trends and drones are new buzz in the town. Quad copters or drones are now a necessity in every photo worthy event, from wedding shoot to a corporate event and it’s all possible because of easily accessibility of drone materials in the market. As the growing trend then it may be possible that after some time every middle class family will have at least one drone. DJI, Phantom 3 Standard - RM3,286 are the latest model of drones.


Car security cameras- How you feel when you buy a car from your saving and another person misuse it or steal it or try to damage it? Now you don’t need to be concern about your vehicle during your non-work hours. Surveillance camera system will let you enjoy without any concern as your vehicle will be always monitored. There is variety of options available to you in the market according to your pocket which you can opt for the security of your vehicles. The cameras include features like-   GPS tracking device, DVRs monitor, video camera for managing safety to improve vehicle performance. Latest security cameras are-  Pyle Rearview Mirror Dual Car Dash Camera Recorder For Security Night Vision HD 1080P (PLCMDVR52),  Dual Lens Car Camera, Car Video Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Recorder for Vehicles Front and Rear DVR, Full HD 1080P, G-Sensor and Parking Monitor.


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