Malaysian Women Inclined Towards Modest Fashion!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 28, 2016

No matter how many fashion trends are preached by fashion diktats but real fashionistas perfectly know how to look fashionable their own way (obviously by imbibing a bit of the latest ongoing styles)!

Fashion has a different meaning to all and when it’s about women then it’s really complex to understand. Neither do they want to compromise in comfort nor in style! Hmmm, very complicated, just like women ;)

While women cross the globe have their own fashion sense, something that has attracted my attention is the “Modest Fashion” trending in Malaysia. 

Yeah, the sassy ladies of Malaysia are now more inclined towards the modest fashion rather than the chic style! Is it what called fashion revolution???

What is modest fashion? I know this question might be troubling you, so here is the answer. Well, it’s the conventional Muslim fashion, which includes Abaya- A lose fitted robe for women along with ‘hijabs’ or scarves. 

However, this fashion has been now blended with some modernity, just like old wine served in new bottle! Yeah, the trendy silhouettes of Muslim fashion have now attracted young and stylish women of Malaysia. 

Interestingly, not only Muslim ladies but non-Muslim women also love the dresses of this pattern, where they get to do a less skin show. Now that’s news!!!

Malay ladies are finding this trend very cool and stylish as they have got too many elements to play and create a new look every day. They can try a different style with their head wraps. 

Earlier only a loose fitted robe was included in Muslim wear along with Hijab but now things have changed. Women are experimenting full sleeves shirts with skirts in full length. 

Pairing trouser with long sleeves shirt with hijab is another popular trend amongst Malay lassies. In short, they all are celebrating this new modest fashion trend by following the trick of covering head, neck, and legs.

Moreover, designers are experimenting with this new emerging trend by infusing some prints, embroidery, fabrics, lace. Not only in Malaysia, but this trend is dispersing in other regions of Southeast Asia and English countries.   

Let’s check Out Some A Glimpse Of Modest Fashion!

Casual Look


Floral Is Fun


Ready To Party


Ready For Work?

Given are a few looks from the rapidly growing trend. However, designers are still experimenting with it and are creating silhouettes that can woo hearts of fashionistas spread round the globe! 

This was the latest fashion update for Malaysian women, who keep a keen eye on the in and outs of the fashion world. To know more stay tuned as I will be back with more interesting pieces for you all. 

Take Care!!!