Maybe This Is How You Can Add Some Life To Your Living Room!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 12, 2016

Festivity or no festivity, a change in house interior is most welcome and if it’s done in the winter season then you need to be extra cautious while selecting color scheme and home décor products.

Gone are the days when dark shade interiors or home décor items were the choice of homemakers in winters, as now new home décor ideas with eye-soothing color palettes have replaced the dark colors. 

Yeah, the light colors are the latest cool amongst interior designers and trust me they look good anyway no matter you have a palatial house or small sweet home. 

If in case you are reluctant to try out the new way of decorating your house, give it a shot by just implementing it on your living room. I am sure this will not only give you an idea but will make you certain that the latest interior trends are worth trying!


Instead of the routine colors, or multi-color walls go sober and choose broken white, white, snowbound or other cool colors to allow maximum light to disperse in your room (as in winters light always seems low).


Okay, now those who are thinking that choosing dark color couch or sofas would be the trick next, are absolutely wrong as the latest trend suggest teaming up white or off-white sofas with your room. 

Cushions And Covers

Time to infuse some colors now! Like subtle interior then go for monochrome cushion and covers but if colors attract you then you can pick some classy shades like purple, pink, mauve or lavender. 


Chandeliers have their own charm and even if your living room is small you can add on them (obviously in smaller size). In case your taste is a little more contemporary then you can pick fancy lights, even they can add a dash of style and elegance in your living room. 


Showpieces are next important thing while revamping your living area. Complimenting metal pots, white ceramic pots, or paintings (but no dark colors).

To infuse more light in your living area, you can put up a mirror as well. The mirror will not only reflect light in your room but will also work as a good decorative item.

Liked the idea? Great, apply them in your living area and make your home winter ready!

Till we meet next, take care!!!