Original At Heart Wear Oriental at Art – Give Yourself An Edge with Oriental Fashion this Summer

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Jan 25, 2017

"Fashion" is overrated and exaggerated - among women on the street, this has been the growing feeling at the beginning of 2017. The reason being a lack of inspiration coming from the very basic source of life. It is impossible for the fashion world to survive without being influenced by common man. Cultures, traditions and indigenous way of life have always influenced the fashion world.

That is always known in the world of fashion as an influence of the orient. Usually, each one of is infatuated towards the orient aspects of the fashion and use them in our day to day life without knowing its connotation to the fashion world.

What is Oriental Fashion?

The fashion that celebrates the rich and wealthy Asian culture styling is always referred to as a form or Oriental fashion. From the demure and elegant aesthetic of Japanese Geishas to masculine and streamed Samurai silhouette of China to colorfully woven and intertwined cotton crafts of India, the fashion world has always been obsessed with the East.

Starting from types of fabrics, such as Silk, Duan or Yuzen, to nature, culture and custom influenced designs and prints, to dramatic draping cuts and details, to exotic artistic backdrops; Oriental fashion embodies an opulent visual aesthetic.

Since the summer season is beckoning and wardrobe has to change according to the summer fashion trends, CollectOffers brings you a roundup of Oriental fashion influencing the fashion world from New York to Malleborne and everywhere in between. Do take a look at your wardrobe if you have an aesthetic that is oriental, have a floral print and have some or the other ethnic influence. Because that would ensure you stand tall among the Typicals.

Fashion Editors at CollectOffers got into a fierce debate over what should define as Oriental and have found some of the niche aspects of Oriental Fashion.

Vivid and Vivacious Colors:

Asian Art has to be colorful since it has to reflect the lifestyle of Asians, which has always been colorful and center of attraction for the art possessed westerners. The use of multiple shades in one artistic piece of cloth would always be eye-catching. This is where Asian design beats the rest of the world as it uses bright and bold colors. The color combinations would always feel your eyes with warmth.

Shines Out on Natural Fabrics:

One of the reasons behind the origins of Oriental fashion is the prevalent weather conditions. Oriental dresses are usually worn during the season of summer. This is the reason that clothes in Asia are worn printed, with various designs. For such vivid designs, the fabric has to be absolutely natural; hence, cotton and silk are widely used, which are considered to be natural fabrics and let the print shine out efficiently.

Art Amalgamates in Nature:

One of the fascinating aspects of the Oriental design is prints coming from the various customs, cultures, traditions, and nature of the top. Tree-leaves, flowers, rituals, culinary and much more to appreciate when you look at the Oriental fashion. Another aspect that influences the local art, which often gets the visual space among Oriental designs. It all becomes more striking when the art amalgamates with the nature in Oriental silhouettes.

Forthrightly Feminine:

Well, fashion in Asia draws more attention to its details, which are always sharp and specific. When it comes to the Western designs, it is more lines, checks, dots and stripes, which can be used by both men and women. When it comes to Oriental fashion, the detailing has to be absolutely feminine. This is maybe the reason when a man wants to provoke the sensitivities, he goes the Oriental way.

Whether you are in Hong Kong or in Kuala Lumpur or in Bangkok, you would never find yourself away from the awe of Oriental designs as Southeast Asia is a home to the Oriental fashion. To help you reinvent yourself and enliven your wardrobe, CollectOffers provides you amazing discount offers from Lazada, Zalora, Fashion Valet and many other online stores.