Stopping By Kuala Lampur Can Be A Great Idea For Travel Bugs!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 08, 2016

‘All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware’, quite true as journeys can sometimes be as unpredictable as life. You never what is at the next junction! 

Although, life can’t be perfect but we can try and make our journeys fun and flawless, isn’t it? Ya Ya, I know it’s getting heavy but won’t stay for long as I am taking you all for a quick ride to one of the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur.

Yes, Kuala Lumpur or the Klang Valley is a great host to those who are not skeptical about experiencing novelty and embrace craziness with open arms. 

If you have anyhow been lucky enough to get a chance to visit this lovely Island city then make the most of it by exploring the popular spots of this amazing city.

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If you plan to make a short trip to Malaysia’s capital city then I can name 5 most amazing spots that are a must go when exploring the diverse land. 

Kuala Lumpur is not just a melting pot of cultures but is a great amalgamation of tradition and advanced technology. The beautiful mosques and mystic temples sheltered by the sky-scrapers will leave you awestruck for sure.

This place is also a paradise for nature lovers and adventure lovers. In its lap, you can find nature parks, high-lands, water bodies and much more that will appeal you all. 

However, if you all are in a rush and are stopping by Kuala Lumpur only for a short span of time then you need to check out these spots. After all, you will have to update some pic on social networking sites too ;)

So let’s begin the journey to Kuala Lumpur. 

The Petronas Twin TowersThese towers are the famous landmark of KL and I also know that you would have many-a-times thought of visiting it once post seeing them in movies. They are counted as the second highest building in the world. WOW!!! Just imagine what a beautiful sight of skyline you all can see from its top. 

Menara Kuala LumpurIt is the TV tower Kuala Lumpur, which is also ranked as the seventh highest building in the world. From its top, you can get a 360-degree overview of the city. Hmmm, seems like all tall buildings are situated here. 

Chinatown- Petaling Street

A perfect shopper’s hub is the Chinatown’s Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Shopaholics can buy here from T-shirts, shorts, souvenirs, handbags to watches, shoes, football jerseys and much more. And guess what bargain is allowed here. Yippeee!!!

Brickfields- Little India

Like I said before this place is a melting pot of varied cultures and people who like to see an example of it can go to Brickfields’ Little India. It’s a stop where you can enjoy ample of shopping along with enjoying gastronomic spree.

Batu Caves

You can find the caves inside of limestone cliffs, filled up with Hindu shrines and temples. At the entrance, you will see a huge statue of Sri Murgan Swami to which these caves are dedicated. 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Completed in the year 1897, the building used to house several government departments and now it houses the Supreme and High Courts. Do take a look at it as no travel is complete without visiting the historic spots of that place, right?

Now that I have mentioned only 6-popular spots, you please don’t underestimate this place. Trust me; the place has so much to give that at a moment you might feel that you need to extend your trip. 

However, this was a quick view of this lovely land for those who are planning to be there for a small tenure or gonna give a stopover on their way back!

So, this was it, for now, will be back with some more interesting facts about Malaysia.