Suit Up Like A Gentleman!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 20, 2016

Monochrome is definitely a bold game to play. Especially when you are the one playing with colors like- red, maroon or cobalt blue! 

Often when it comes to dressing up like a gentleman, colors like black, midnight blue, shades of gray are preferred by men. However, experimenting is a part of the trend cycle. 

It is said a good suit makes a man appear trimmer, taller and smarter. And without a doubt a suit is one ensemble that in true sense reflects a man’s style. Actually, a wardrobe of a man cannot be complete without a suit. Globally, the most accepted piece of attire is a mark of one’s reputation, character and style!

There are wide styles of suits that are in vogue, nowadays. Dinner suits, Business suits, Lounge suits and many others. Each one of them has their unique panache. 

When going monochrome, the color matters a lot. Here: red; the shirt to be worn beneath the suit should have a collar ideally be turndown. The shirt fastens with studs (not buttons) which should always match the cufflinks and are generally restricted to black, gold, or mother-of-pearl, with black being the most common.


The jacket can be of two types: single breasted jacket or double breasted jacket; depending on the occasion attended. The single breasted jacket is the most common and widely accepted style. It may be worn with a waistcoat, a close fitting waist length garment, without sleeves or collar.

Trousers of a suit should be of the same fabric as that of the jacket. A single braid is the most traditional seam adornment, but a simple, narrow band of fabric is equally-appropriate and far more common today. 

For most men, a pair of shoes is strictly an excessive investment. With red monochrome suit one can opt for brown flat bow shoes. However, then the type of shoes is directly proportional to the event one is attending. 

A classy watch is a must when a man suits up! A classy timepiece not only completes the entire ensemble but also adds to the style statement. In accessories the watch plays a vital role. 

And if you are thinking that you are all set to go, here’s a tip: do not forget to spray on a perfume before you step out. As it is said, “There is nothing more attractive than a man that smells really good.”