Sunway Lagoon – The Best Multi Park Destination in Malaysia

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jun 04, 2019

A lagoon that spans across an area of over 80 acres on Malaysia’s Petaling JayaBandar Sunway, a person has got to be devoid of any sense of life to not cherish and enjoy the exemplary experience of the offer at this premier theme park of Malaysia. It is astounding to explore the length of its extensive diversity and range of offerings that varies in a comprehensive manner covering people of all likes and preferences within its large and vivacious umbrella of blissful enjoyment.

This much versatility cannot be contained within one particular section and therefore the lagoon has been very intelligently crafted and divided into different theme based parks all of them usher in their own unique light offering a whole new dimension to explore for any neutral person while giving the others the choice to avoid if one wished so. I must admit it right here, it is not possible for anyone who loves to be happy to stay away or avoid any one of these parks in this extraordinary lagoon. It is a fun-filled journey that would probably rank amongst the most memorable and arguably the most enjoyable day of your life to say the least. If that might seem convenient enough for you, you must not hold back and go for sunaway lagoon hotel at the earliest for bookings are limited. In case you are lucky, you can also avail the Luxury Escapes Promo Code to bag the best deals on your booking.

For the starters, Sunway Lagoon is a giant premiere theme park which has many separate worlds of theme parks built within itself. This sounds truly inspiring but it is really a fact that it is hard to figure out one out of them as better from the rest. Each of them has their own uncontested uniqueness and prolific aura to keep the visitors spellbound by their sheer mesmerizing experience. Let us go through the different sides of these theme parks and take a look at what are things that would rejuvenate your senses throughout this splendid journey.


This is a place for those who do not want to soak themselves in water and get wet just for the sake of fun. The Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park is actually a great hub for those who are seeking adventures and the sheer joyous side of life. The greatest striking point of this amusement park is Malaysia’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge which offers a breathtaking walk across it offering some scintillating views of the surrounding landscape. Then there are many other crazy offerings that you can try on the Sunway Lagoon Park Ticket to this place. While the Sunway Lagoon Park Opening Hours are different for different parks and widely vary depending upon the activity being taken into consideration, yet one can safely say that amusement park is the first one to be opened for the visitors. 


There are fun for kids but the grown-ups deserve better thrills than just fun, so that would be petty to kiddish when you are a grown up now. Take up the challenge to the next level with the carousels without passing the height requirements. Go spinning on the apache pots and wagon wheels or the carousels to test your real self. 

Fun World

If you are with your family and want to keep them enticed all along, there is nothing better than the fun world. The youngster would surely love it for every bit of reason that this toyish world is going to serve to them.

Pirate’s Revenge

Pirate isn't just a thing of past. Not at least when it comes to the Sunway Lagoon Park pirate ship. This 360-degree rotating ship is surely going to churn you upside down and leave bamboozled with its swivelling feel even after landing back on the ground. Beware, it is not for the faint hearted ones.

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

This is obviously the most iconic of all the attractions in this amusement park as mentioned above, The park holds the record for the longest bridge in the Malaysian soil with a total distance of 428 metres. The bird's eye view from the top of the park which is at least 60 feet above the ground level is truly sensational.

Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster

Yes, it is not just the roller coaster but the screamer coaster where you would find it hard to keep yourself from screaming in sheer excitement along with dozens and dozens of other people on the lost city of gold scream coaster. The ripping twists and turns of this roller coaster ride are going to melt you down, so hold tighter. whatever you can get a hold of.  


The magic of the lost land has been redeemed in its full glory at the Nickelodeon Themed Land, the first one in Asia. The overall majestic feel of this childish fantasy land has a no holds barred feelings of a lost legion of childhood that will be brought alive herein, The lush green rain forest surrounding the place and the wet and moist setting altogether gels to forms an impeccable combination for exciting adventures and recreational activities. You should be missing out on availing the Klook Promo for the best deals over here to get the best Sunway lagoon buffet dinner out here. 

SpongeBob Splash Adventure

Find yourself immersed in the fountains of a lost civilization of sorts and evokes hours of relentless joy and pleasure out of the high action water play along with your friend and family members on the trip to make your stress set ablaze in the dooms of the past allowing your mind to let the brightness take it over. Do not forget to experience the hot geysers, the water cannons, the waterfalls, the slide downs and of course the sponge bob catch game. The water activities are fun and all enjoyable until and unless it turns unsafe or irresponsible, so do not let that evil side spoil the mood of the moment and make sure your luxury escapes holidays don't get any sour or bitter for the better of you and your loved ones

Monsoon 360

This is the game that includes a countdown and a spine chilling breakaway moment of gravity-defying adrenaline burst. SO brace yourself at the top of the podium by taking the climb way on the one side and close your eyes to in the name of god to before being thrown down a free vertical fall obviously for a second or so which further extends to join and form a slider where you slide through at unimaginably fast pace while holding your breath in sheer breathtaking series of events that you just go through. 

Jungle Fury

The Jungle Fury at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon will take you on an over-the-edge ride with your family and friends, experience surprise drops, twisting turns and ending with wholesome family fun that ensures a happy family always stays together!


Experience the Kubarango where you will be unleashed into a steep drop before it takes you up on a near vertical experience for a moment of weightlessness and backwards into a reversed free-fall before returning you with a splash!

Splish Splash

Splish Splash lets you cool off with multiple water features that combine to create interactively water spray experience. The bright colours and the various water effects such as jets falls, forts and more create an exciting mood for kids to play.


The Primeval is set to take you on a journey of our Lost Lagoon with exciting twists, turns and drops that climb over trees, hills and into the gullies to experience nature at its best. The 3 unique ride experiences of Cobra Creek, Boa Constrictor & Crocodile Gully can be enjoyed by all ages.

Hippo Valley

The Hippo Valley is where all rivers flow into a busy waterway where tribes meet to catch a drink and laze until sunset. Watch Hippos swim on the banks and monkeys swinging from trees to trees. Catch the ‘Whopping Splash’ coming your way while you enjoy the serenity of the rainforest. You will hear tribal drums and tribal warriors calling for celebration!

Wonder Steps

Climb up the Wonder Steps, amidst the waterfalls and cascading falls that will serenade you as you embark on your journey to the epicentre of the lost empire. You will see explorers’ camps and pineapple columns and a majestic fortress amongst the rainforest, waterfalls and colonnade.

Explorer’s Campsite

A recreational area located at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon for the explorers to rest and unwind. An area spacious enough to even have a picnic or maybe a feast among family & friends.

Explorers’ Trail

Take the Explorers’ Trail and join the trail of the tribesman up on the trees and hear the birds chirp. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the MariMari Rapids, waterfalls, mystical ponds, gullies and hills. The trail may be a little intimidating for some, take a shorter course instead.


Beat the tropical heat in the Waters of Africa at Sunway Lagoon Water Park! Go for a spin in the loops of the African Pythons, or race your friends in an adrenalin-pumping ride head first down the Congo Challenge. You can also do the Cameroon Climb, get drop 15 metres then shoot back up 8 metres for prolonged fun. There’s something here for everyone, whether you are young or old, thrill seeker or beach bum. For the best luxury escapes holidays, the joyous water activity is surely is a must-have experience.


Dive into the belly of the beast — Launch from a tower 11 storeys high plunge through turbulent water like the rapids with twists and turns then plummet into Malaysia’s largest water ride where you’ll be gobbled up by the beast that is the Vuvuzela. Behold the world’s highest, largest and most thrilling water ride!

Little Zimbabwe

Let the kids loose in the interactive water playground of Little Zimbabwe, an African village complete with huts and Masai warriors guarding the entrance.

Waterplexx 5D

Enjoy a great ride and a cinematic experience like no other, as you move through the ultimate a multi-sensory journey filled with thrills and spills! With wind, fog, mist, sprays, fountains, water jets, light, lasers, 3D visual, sound and movement; the Waterplexx 5D promises to be truly wet and wild.

Scuba Diving

Let’s Discover Scuba Diving in the City at Titan Scuba Asia in Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach. The selected pool area is a shallow section where you will learn new skills and be prepared for your Open Water course. The diving session takes around 30 minutes for completion if you have one instructor for 3-4 guests for guidance and assistance in the preparation prior to the dive. Scuba Diving is an experience that one must have in his lifetime. It is advised that you make sure to reach out to the instructor in order to get some images clicked of your first diving experience of the life which would otherwise not be possible if you escape from the shore. The time between 11:00 am – 6:00 pm is the Diving Hours while an attributed break time between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm for allowing some rest.

Surf Beach

Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach is a man-made wonder right here in the city where people from all around the world come for a fun-filled day in the sun. You can either laze on the beach or for the thrill seekers you can enjoy surfing or body boarding and beach volleyball. You can also show off your surfing skills on Malaysia’s only Surf Simulator. Stretching over 13,000 square meters, the Surf Beach is capable of churning out perfectly shaped waves up to the maximum height of eight feet. You can enjoy the best with the ‘Wonderfly Sunway Lagoon Water Park’ according to your needs in terms of time and activities at the beach.


A Malaysia’s zoo where you get up close and personal with more than 150 species of animals from around the world at the Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park. The fully interactive zoo attraction, from a journey of learning through our unique Wildlife Encounters, to getting entertained by our talented animal stars in the Wildlife Theatre and feeding our gentle animals in the Pet Village, there are various educational and interesting activities for the entire family!

Tiger Land

The latest addition to our zoo family is the majestic icy blue-eyed beauties ‘White Tigers’, Samson and Asha. Here’s your chance to get a first-hand look at the exotic pair against their borderless glass enclosure as they live out the leisurely life of baby tigers.

The White Lion Kingdom

Meet Zola and Zuri at our Malaysia Zoo, the first pair of white lions in the city and are proud additions to the Wildlife Park.

Hailing from Africa’s Timbavati and southern Kruger Park regions, the white lions are not albinos but have blond to near white fur due to leucism.

Wild Encounters

Participate in our Wild Encounters to observe our animals’ natural antics in specially created habitats at Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park. Interact with a host of exotic animals including the majestic white lions Zola & Zuri, cottontop tamarin, pygmy marmosets, meerkats, prairie dogs, miniature horses, otters, sun bears, panthers, tigers, Eagles, hornbills, peacocks, pythons and more! 

Enchanting Exhibits

Explore unique habitats and interesting Malaysia zoo attractions like the new snake area, New World Monkey, Pet Village, Jungle Trail, White Lion Kingdom, Tree Top Terrace, Bird Savannah, Tiger Land as well as Rimba and Village.


This is a shout out to all you adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and extreme sports fans out there. Gear up for an aerial adventure on Malaysia’s longest Flying Fox and soar to great heights on incredible rides such as the Bungee Jump. Whether you conquer the circuit on a Go Kart or conquer the wild on an ATV, you are bound to get some heart-pumping action at the Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park! The Klook Malaysia or the Luxury Escape deals, whatever you may choose, there is no denying the fact that every penny spent is going to be worth it. 

Bungee Jump

Take the ultimate leap of faith with a dive to defy all the fear and shed every bit of your inhibition from height in the bungy jumping action in the Extreme Park of this premium travel hub. The dare, of course, is to dive head first only if you may dare to do so?

G-Force X

Leave your heart behind as you get propelled from 0 to 120 kilometres per hour in two seconds! G-Force X is Asia’s highest slingshot ride and takes extreme to a whole new level.

Go Kart

Satisfy the speed demon in you by racing your friends through the twists and turns of the Go Kart circuit and see who has what it takes to emerge champion.

Awesome Alternative Action


Paintball Shooting

Pedal Boating

When your heart needs a rest, you can take a step back and try other activities available in the Extreme Park. Sharpen your marksmanship skills and test your focus with Paintball Target Shooting as well as Archery, or hit the water for some Kayaking and Pedal Boating. There are lots to do for the whole family.

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