Travel Indonesia For An Unforgettable Experience!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Apr 12, 2018

Planning an outing is a great idea but if that place is not worth it then your whole idea comes to halt. Well, yes people say that they are planning to travel some hill station or planning to travel some foreign location but what that matter when you are travelling is the people you are travelling with and the place you plan for your vacation.

Well, if you are at the stage when you are deciding or choosing the place for travelling to any destination then you can choose Indonesia easily without any second thought. 

Indonesia is a beautiful country that is surrounded by beautiful cities. You can explore Indonesian cities and beautiful beaches that will give you an everlasting feel and want to visit the place again and again. 

You have several of options to visit there and can have best of the time. Your trip composes of rafting down the Ayung River and visiting the Jatiluwih rice terraces, after which you can expect to visit Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.

Well, all this will be a satisfying holiday. You can start with by booking flights and hotels from AirAsiaGo. Here you will be offered varied of options of hotels and flights where you can easily reach and enjoy your holiday.

Check out here few more reasons why you should travel to Indonesia.

There’s Chaotic Jakarta

Well, rightly Indonesia is a sprawling capital that tends to offer a home to several people of about 10 million people. The place is known as "melting pot of menus and cultures”. Yes, there's some wide variety of eatables in the old town of Batavia. You will also find easy transportation option to Indonesia’s Dutch colonial and will get there some music venues, expensive restaurants and hip hotels. You can also enjoy the world-renowned eateries, bars and nightclubs, and can go to the shopping mall to shop your favourite stuff.

World class diving

If you want to try any adventurous activity then planning to do diving is the best option to plan. You will get this fun activity to do nowhere in the world. It offers some excellent diving opportunity you can try in the water. 

Also, one of the best ways to investigate the place is on the liveaboard in Indonesia's West Papua province. The divers there will find world's renowned coral species and up to 2,000 species of reef fish.

The adventure playground of Sumatra

The Sumatra is named as one of place that has a lot to offer but unfortunately, it is the lesser-visited place. The playground is a wild and beautiful hotspot for adventure that can offer many things to visitors.

Most of the visitants head to see this place and the army of vigilante elephants. You can join them and be a part of this adventurous activity and do many things there, such as you can do dawn lake-shore bath, and clean their nails before the morning patrol. 

Therefore, these reasons are enough to make you plan an unforgettable trip to Indonesia.