Turn On Your Sound System and Let the Buzz Disappear

Post by Priyanka Gupta | Apr 27, 2017

“Music is what feelings sound like, an outburst of your soul” Do you love listening music anytime? Do you things music give wings to your feelings? Do you think entertainment is incomplete without music? Do you think you can sound add emotions to your life? Do you just turn on your speakers when you are happy or sad as it helps you to enjoy as well as to freak out?  

Whenever we are in a happy mood we just switch on our music system to enjoy our happiness and whenever we are sad or upset then also we switch on our music and just go with the flow. So, we need sound to express our emotions, to express our self.

Can you imagine of watching a movie without a sound system? No, right, nobody likes to watch that movie as it needs not of patience to understand the story in which definitely our young generation is lacking behind as they are in habit of doing their work at fast pace. If you are watching a movie with a distorted music system then you are only getting half of the experience.

Now as the world is changing your experiences also vary. Earlier your TV sets have decent sound quality which satisfy your general viewing but now home theaters have replace that old version of sound system and now it’s time to convert your home into a movie hall. So, now you don’t’ have to take out any extra time from your busy schedule, you can enjoy watching movie with your family and friends in the same atmosphere and with the same picture and sound quality with amazing home theaters.

Let’s check out some of the latest home theater collection that satisfies both your need as well as your wallet:

Pioneer SP-PK52FS

If you want to experience the best quality music at reasonable price then the Pioneer SP-PK52FS is the one for you. It’s holds total five pieces of speaker to give you incredible sound taste. A 5.1 speaker system is accompanied by one bookshelf loudspeaker, two-floor standing loudspeakers and one 100-watt powered subwoofer, one center channel speaker and all these will surround your room from top to bottom. So, let’s hear what to feel!

PioneerSP PK52FS

Samsung HW-K470 4.1 Channel

The speaker holds 35 inch 460 Watt bar syncs with SWA-8000s sit to offers you wireless encapsulate sound. It produces sound via wireless subwoofer that gives give bass. The sound system has 2 front and 2 side facing speakers to enclose your room with loud quality music and it is easiest to setup in your room as subwoofers can be places anywhere and the sound bar at any wall for amazing sound quality.

samsung hw k470


Orb Audio Mod1X

This 5.1 system is accompanied by five Orb Audio Mod1X speakers and will give you more décor friendly surrounding. These are heavy system of around 26 pounds with 6 inch driver. These speakers are uniquely designed to give you better quality sound and can also be a party of your room décor.  The system offers an additional feature of connecting other speakers to every channel with full high and mid- range frequencies.


orb audio mod1x

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System

If you are crazing about games and dedicated towards it then stand up now and buy the Logitech Z906 because when it comes to games sound is almost everything which keep you enthusiastic whether you play with console or doom.  Logitech Z906 is the only model which is certified with THX5.1. It is the only system which connects up to six different devices at the same time. So, now hear the every single detail of your game.

Logitech Z506



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