Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Sale

As one of the biggest shopping fests of the year, the Chinese New Year Sale is about to hit us honouring the beginning of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and it will suffice it to say that the prospect of humongous sale and the bumper offer is getting the best of us. The two entire weeks of merriment commemorate the excitement for a brand new year, hopes, warm wishes, and festivities where gifts are exchanged among family members and friends.

The History of Chinese New Year Sale 

Popularly known as Chunjie which means the Spring Festival in Chinese, Chinese New Year continues for 14 days and this global festival marks the end of the coldest days. Although its name consists of Chinese, the celebrations go rogue in all the East Asian countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, North, and South Korea. Elders pass on sweet gifts wrapped in a red envelope to the younger ones in the family and the series of frolics indulge the iconic Lantern Festival, the Jade Emperor's party, and Renri. It also consists of a worldwide shopping fest that happens at the end of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac and is represented by a different animal spirit every year. 

From a Tradition to a Shopping Fiesta!

Chinese New Year isn’t just recognized as a traditional activity but it also has driven the sale upwards on various online and offline stores! Various big industry names like Pedro, Shopee, AliExpress, Althea and others run special Chinese Lunar Year sales on their portal for treating the shopping freaks with some amazing promo codes and discounts. These offers will let you bag decorations, gift sets, craftwork, traditional Chinese wear, and more at unbelievable prices just like the 11.11 Sale, Thanksgiving Sale, or Black Friday deals.

Authentic Products and Deals

The sellers and brands taking a part in this widely celebrated event of the year are completely reliable and renowned for their premium quality of products. With their tried and tested offer codes and discounts, they have been making their 100% genuine goods easily accessible for those who are running on low budgets. From local Chinese names, International Brands, Malaysian stores to e-commerce websites, great deals are gonna keep pouring in for you in every category.

When does the Chinese New Year Sale occur?

There is no fixed date when the Chinese New Year commences, however, if we are being precise, it falls somewhere between January 21 to February 20 and stores start to prep for it long before. As a shopping event that is appreciated worldwide, you will find great price drops on various categories like fashion, footwear, kitchen appliances, consumer gadgets, home and garden products, and more. Global Times reported that around 63% of the total sale that happened in 2018 during this event was from international sellers.

The Significance of Chinese New Year 

China still has great regard for the Lunar Calendar and the series of the festivities followed during these days of celebrations are divided into different parts. Apart from the residents of China, Chinese from all over the world get back with their families and loved ones to celebrate this event. They get together, clean their houses, send gifts, decorate the streets, and light lanterns in the count of millions. And along with these souls high on celebrations, online stores like Charles & Keith, JD Sports, Hermo, Zalora, Youbeli, Reebonz, and Sephora offer Chinese New Year voucher codes double the fun of the celebrations.

Bumper Savings and Discounts 

Chinese New Year Sale brings in new hope and inspires people to be close to their families amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life and how can we forget the shopping sprees during the Chinese New Year festival. Every year the scale goes up and the hot deals cooked up by your favourite Malaysian online stores contribute to that. From groceries, fruit baskets, fashion accessories, edibles and much more carry huge deals which can be quite benefitting for the shoppers.

Get Updates on On-Going Offers 

Considering the number of stores participating in this Chinese New Year sale, it is quite understandable if you miss some of the hottest deals on the coveted brands. However, CollectOffers endeavours to make it absolutely easy for you to take a bird’s eye view of all the stores in Malaysia and international brands that are offering Chinese New Year discount codes and offers. Just take a look at our website and you’ll be amazed or you can subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite brand to get updates on all of its juicy details right into your inbox. We have a whole list of names that are going to be buzzing with fantastic deals throughout this fest.

The Most Purchased Category- Gifts!

Chinese follow this age-old tradition of Ang Pao or red envelope in which they hand over a gift to their dear ones wrapped in red paper as a sweet gesture to express their blessings. But this culture isn’t just limited to the family members and relatives but it also includes employees, poor children, and anyone who is less fortunate than the giver. Apart from giving out money in a red envelope, people also prefer to send some other gifts and the sale of these particular items get on a hike during the Chinese New Year event: 

  • Tea is loved by almost everyone in China; therefore it makes a perfect gift. 
  • Certain traditional Chinese costumes like Tang suits, Qipao, Hanfu and more are bought widely. 
  • Fruit baskets or gift sets made of fruit are loved deeply by people.
  • Gifts for children include candies, toys, chocolates, stationery, and more. 
  • Hats and caps are the most sold accessories. 

Chinese New Year Sale on Services

As one of the biggest shopping events of the year, the Chinese New Year sale is also awaited due to the outstanding offers and discounts applicable on holiday packages, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and activities. Malaysia can be a serene location for a wonderful trip and travelling platforms like Klook, Zen rooms, Expedia, Agoda,, and others will make it budget-friendly for you. Just look for the Chinese New Year vouchers and discounts on our website and treat yourself to a trip!