Kara Holding To Establish 100 Stores In The Next Four Years!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Feb 27, 2019

Kedai Ayamas Eatery Expects To Franchise 100 More Outlets By 2023!

The leading eatery operator Kara holdings is seeking to establish 100 more outlets in the next four years predominantly within Peninsular Malaysia through its new franchising program.

This move of adopting a strong franchising program will greatly elevate the company’s finances by about 10% by the end of the year. So far, 9 franchises have been opened with 20 more targets within the year.


Abd Rahman Md Dawi, executive director of Kara says, “As Johor Corp’s wholly owned subsidiary, we complement the KFC business in terms of maximizing the use and distribution of poultry products at the farm. The poultry-relating business has always been a high-demand market for the food and beverage sector in Malaysia.”

He further added, “Last year, we registered revenue of RM35 million [$8.6 million]. With the additional franchise business, hopefully, it will amplify our revenue this year, coupled with Kara’s technological adoption of food delivery services such as Foodpanda and Grab-Food.”

He also said, “the company is open to franchisee acquisition of Kara’s 40 corporate outlets. Six of the nine new franchises were acquired from the firm. There are certain criteria that will be considered for us to sell our own shops, but we encourage newcomers to open a new shop.”

It is said that Kara’s franchising program costs between RM100,000 – RM400,000 ($24,600 – 98,450) and it also includes operational and management training sessions.