The Malaysian Government Revealed When Tolls In Malaysia Will Be Abolished

Post by Sameena Farooq | Oct 10, 2018

The answer we all have been waiting for the past few months! 

If you have been wondering the time when you heard this news that the tolls on Malaysia would be abolished and always check on its updates then you have finally got an answer by the government.

But it won’t be what you’re expecting!

Malaysian work Minister Baru Bian has told the media that the government will abolish the tolls within the next two to three months. Currently, the ministry is also discussing this with stakeholders in an effort to reach a solution.

In his statement, he stated, “We are looking for a best and practical solution that could benefit everyone including the stakeholders and the new government”.

He was further hoping for an agreement where he could come up with the final outcome accepted by all the stakeholders. Also, there were a few suggestions he received and decided to take the decision within two to three months.

So, this has given Malaysian the surety of being a toll-free country. 

If we refer further, to the PH manifesto, they have promised to check all the highway concessions agreements and has further renegotiated to take over them. And they have planned that in an attempt to abolish the tolls, they are also providing fair compensations to the affected companies.

This seems like Baru’s recent announcement has brought many new possibilities and given a relief to the public in order to get rid of toll.

Now, the government can also begin removing tolls in stages within the next three months!