11.11 Sale

Celebrate the Biggest Shopping Day by exploring fascinating offers from our website on the occasion of "Singles' Day 11.11" and get loaded discounts without having to dig deeper for savings. Shop latest trends at prices lower than imagined by availing the discounts. Crazy deals on your favorite brands are on our way, so get your hands-on 11.11 Sale without having any second thought and save like never before.

11.11 Sale

What is 11.11 Sale?

11.11 Sale is one of the biggest online sale events where a number of shopping web portals like Alibaba, Shopee, Lazada, iHerb, Klook, Zalora, etc. participate by bringing down the rates with jaw-dropping offers on brands. People in South East Asia also look at this sale as the start of the shopping season with various holidays lined up like Christmas Day and New Year. 

Every year, shopaholics get the best of best deals during this sale and the merchants make profits in billions by selling out the products at the least possible prices.

When does the 11.11 sale start?

Every year 11.11 Sale starts at midnight on 11th November and runs for a whole day so that the customers can get the most out of the grand festival in 24 hours. Whether or not you are a lonely heart, get exciting offers by scrolling down the website of AliExpress and others at 12.am on 11th November. You may get a chance to save before 11.11 hits your calendar as some merchants open the door of great savings a few days prior.

Why is 11.11 celebrated as Singles’ Day?

When the whole world was busy celebrating Valentine's Day, Nanjing University came with a concept of creating a day for singles on 11th November as the Double 1s resembles bare sticks having no branch, therefore, a group of single men. What was historically marked as Singles' Day later turned out to be the Biggest Shopping Event when Jack Ma introduced the concept of 11.11 Sale in 2009 as a global shopping festival.

What to do at the 11.11 Singles Day?

Whether or not you are a shopaholic, prepare yourself to shop huge on Singles’ Day to save yourself from later regrets. Mark the date 11.11 on your calendar and begin the shopping prior to when the clock hits 12 am on 11th November to enjoy more offers for ordering in advance.

Keep vigilant eyes on the deals and events as you may find some online stores having some fun activities allowing you to participate and win prizes.

Who is participating in the sale?

With something as huge as the 11.11 Sale, it is obvious to have celebrations worldwide which are why the countries of South East Asia get into the festive vibe soon after the November appears in their calendar. You can find reliable online stores participating in the grandest sale event which include Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, Zalora, Klook, etc.

Whether you are looking for the latest fashion trends or hefty discounts on the flight ticket, find exclusive offers from various participants under one roof i.e. our website as we are partnered with famous shopping destinations.

What to expect from the sale?

You won’t be disappointed by the 11.11 Sale as there is so much to explore on a single day so hold your breath as the countdown has begun for the global shopping festival falling on 11th November.

Visit your favorite online store and add items to your shopping cart without worrying about the big figures in your bill. Get weekly deals, daily offers, drooling discounts, and a chance to earn cash back, and a lot more during the sale period.

Discover Your Favorite Brands at 11.11 Sale

Shopping season is knocking on your door with the alluring discount deals on your favorite brands so what are you waiting for, grab the offers without further ado to save immensely on both the essentials and luxuries.

Keep eyes on the flash sale and search for your preferred brands as the 11.11 Sale is generous enough to include all the top-notch brands and designers in the list. With a diverse collection of goods and services, you are spoilt for the choice.

Don’t let go of the saving opportunity from your hand and shop like a savvy buyer from our website which has stored discounts in one place.

How is the 11.11 Sale different this year?

What excites the shoppers other than the deals every year during the 11.11 Sale is the new stock of items that are listed on the offer section for which people wait for one whole year. You can find brand new deals on domestic travels, beauty tools, home appliances, and many other things that are upgraded every year.

Unlike routine days, the buyers also have a craze to know about the revenue generated by the big market players after this mega event sale. The aftermath of Alibaba on 11.11 sale holds the attention of business as well as those customers who are interested to know about the profits. You can keep an eye on the South East Asian countries participating in the grand festival for savings if your country does not fall into the category.

Is the Sale real?

In the era of price-hike, something like 11.11 Sale is hard to accept but you can leave the worries behind as our website will only display the offers which are authentic and give genuine bargains. We are partnered with the merchants that are the premier choice of the Filipinos and for more reliability, you can check the customers’ reviews. 

Double-check the item before confirming the purchase to avoid any kind of fraudulent situation as in the rush to shop, you may come across some fake brands. 

Fabulous Saving Tips on Sale

After getting familiar with the concept of 11.11 Sale you must be heading towards our deals to gain more bargains on your shopping cart but before that take a pause and get guidance for making most of this annual sale from the points covered below.

Pre-Sale Offers

The hustle and bustle of the grand sale are visible on some of the merchants’ web portal a few days before 11th November just to attract more buyers and win the race of hitting high sale numbers so become a savvy customer and don’t miss out on such deals. Save in advance as this visiting the website of your preferred merchant’s will time and again before 11.11 sale will keep you updated about the attractive offers.

Prioritize Brands

On the day of 11.11 sale it is obvious to get confused and instead of saving extensively, you end up becoming a spendthrift so this year shop smartly by prioritizing the renowned brands over local brands as you don’t want to miss out on the eye-popping deals which comes your way once in a year.

Along with the brands you can also prefer to shop for the necessities instead of getting carried away with the discount coupons.

Filter for Quick Savings

How to make sure that you get the best of all offers without spending too much time in search is the basic question every shopper thinks of. The solution is no rocket science as you can benefit to the maximum from the saving opportunities during 11.11 Sale just by filtering your search while looking for the item. Pre-planned shopping list becomes handy while making a purchase in bulk.

Alert for Deals

While enjoying the benefit of online shopping you can visit our website anytime from the comfort of your home for getting updates of the 11.11 day offers in addition to the knowledge of the deals listed on the website of merchants’ online store.