12.12 Sale

Shop your list without upsetting the budget as the 12.12 Sale has come your way with plenty of fascinating discounts so that every Filipino can make huge savings in a few clicks! With hot deals, there is no need to kill your desire as your favourite brands are available at unbelievable discounts letting you acquire items without pushing your budgetary limit. This Double 12 fill your basket with happiness while counting the savings done on luxuries.

12.12 Sale Philippines

What is 12.12 Sale PH?

One of the biggest shopping events 12.12 Sale is the last chance for Filipinos to save their pocket before Christmas knocks on their door. Whether or not you have discovered 11.11 Sale, Black Friday Sale, and Cyber Monday offers in the month of November, Double 12 deals are worth your attention as you won’t get disappointed with the loaded discounts offered by this grand shopping event. The offers you have been waiting for are finally arriving so make sure to get the most out of them.

What is the history of the Double 12 Sale?

Back in 2014, online stores like Lazada and Zalora launched a 12.12 Sale for the first time on the 12th of December and after its huge success, the whole South Asian online market released the sale every year making it an annual shopping event. This flash sale brought grand profit for sellers and benefitted customers by providing great deals before Christmas that made their festival season more fun. 

When does the sale end? 

Your wait to get the fantastic deal will be over as soon as 12 December arrives in your calendar every year. The hefty discounts are present for the whole day hence giving you 24 hours to Filipinos to shop with no regrets.

The surprising offers are at your doorstep so make purchases and unlock happiness effortlessly. Cancel your plans and shop from the comfort of your home on 12.12 with your near and dear ones.

Who all are participating in the sale?

Shop limitless and save endlessly from the reliable Philippines stores available on our website which include Zalora, Lazada, Boozy, GoBuy, Poundit, and Galleon.ph etc. Don’t get disheartened if your shopping destination has got no 1212 deals as you can make purchases from the international digital market as well but make sure to check for the customs and duties before confirming the order.

What to buy from the sale? 

Needless to say that you must follow your shopping list but if you are done emptying the basket with the items mentioned in your list, then, explore the beauty and health section as, unlike the gadgets, these items do not get obsolete very soon and give long-term satisfaction. You can also go for the toys and food section and shop for your little munchkin their favourite item while having delightful snacks and savings. 

Double 12 Sale is for REAL? 

The unbelievable offers make Filipinos think twice before realizing that the 1212 Sale exists for real. Relying on our website for making big savings during the event will save you from experiencing fraud as we handpick those retailers which are the prime choice of the customers in the Philippines. You can also check the customers’ reviews before confirming your purchase. 

Use Rewards for Saving!

Rewards like e-gift cards, coins, points etc. are some small steps to save big so make sure of redeeming them before they expire. Some of the merchants also give you the opportunity to earn cashback after exceeding certain shopping limits so make sure to go through such offers and make most of the purchases from a single store to gain more rewards. There are some shopping websites that give more cuts on the prices while making purchases from their mobile application so install their software and shop from your smartphone and enjoy the perks of app-users.

What to expect from the 1212 Sale?

Apart from mesmerizing offers and unimaginable savings you can expect Christmas-centric items as Filipinos are left with less than two weeks to shop for the holiday. A large crowd turns up to encounter never-to-miss deals so there are chances that your order may arrive late.

Don’t be surprised if the customer care executives are taking a while to answer your query because a great number of people visit online stores during the whole event to shop like there is no tomorrow.

Some Saving Hacks for 12.12 Sale 

Fill your cart with surprising deals which will make your end of the year more exciting. Exploring the sale won’t be tiring for you if you know exactly what to look for and from where to shop so act like a smart buyer and utilize this saving opportunity to the maximum. We have listed some tips and tricks to make your shopping experience an exceptional one.

Grab Early Sale Offers

On the Big Sale Day on 12.12, Philippines stores are stocked up with amazing discounts but you can find some online shopping destinations releasing offers beforehand which are not to be missed. Keep your eyes locked on such deals and begin your shopping during the carnival which is specially launched for shopaholics of the Philippines. Do not depend upon 12th December for all your savings and relish these flash sales.

Plan before You Shop!

With a shopping list in your hand, you don’t have to spend the whole day searching for the offers so plan your day by making a list that holds the details like the categories, brands, and even your favourite online store. The mega shopping day- 12th December will leave you with nothing but to visit the digital shop, search for the deals on the category you already have in your mind, and click on ‘Buy’.

Know the Updates

Get aware of each and everything this 12.12 Sale has to offer to make your Christmas shopping fabulous. Subscribe to the newsletter service of any store which is expected to give massive discounts on the items and receive alerts with every price drop.