5 Beauty Treatments You Can Totally Do It Yourself At Home!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Dec 04, 2017

Every woman on this planet likes and deserves to be pampered. The first option that comes to your mind when you feel like getting some treatment on your face or body, you think of going to a parlor or spa. Yes, it is quite common and evident to you to think this way.

If you want to get a deep-tissue massage at your neighborhood spa or maximize your smokey eye look with eyelash extensions, we'd dig dip inside our leather wallets to feel and look fabulous. But when you've got to pay some rent, shop on groceries and borrow up enough loose change to do laundry, there isn't much money or time left to visit the salon. Right? I know, this is not just your problem but it is quite a common thing to feel this way.

Now, what if I tell you that you can prepare all these treatments at your home and look the best at reasonable prices without spending much on parlors.

Yes, if you buy some essential beauty products from Sephora, then you could look beautiful as well as can easily pamper yourself at your home. Sephora offers some exquisite range of products that make it simpler for you to choose any and can apply it easily at your home and get beautiful skin within no time.

Check out some treatment which you can easily do it at your home.


You can easily do some mani and pedicure your own self. Yes, by buying some essential nail products from Sephora you can easily take care of both your legs and hands nails.

By doing it yourself you will feel satisfied and will feel much better than going to a saloon.

Upper Lip Wax

There's nothing more embarrassing than leaving the salon with a slightly lighter upper lip and running into a friend who won't stop staring. Skip this walk of shame now by breaking the seal on a lip waxing or cream hair removal kit in the privacy of your bathroom. 

Buy some essential upper lip wax from Sephora and get some smooth and shiny skin.


The facial is not a big thing to do it yourself. Yes, at first instance it looks like huge and you often ask yourself that whether you would pull off this on your own. But, with some essential facial kit, you could easily do it on your own by just keep following the steps mentioned in the pack.


It's okay if you want to dye your own hair in any color of your choice but the good thing is that you can easily do it yourself. This isn't quite a big thing but you can buy your favorite color from Sephora and follow their instruction carefully. Break out the manic panic at home with your BFF and do it within no time.

Scalp Treatment

Treating your scalp is again a task which you can easily do it yourself. Yes, let your hair breathe and get proper nourishment by using a good hair oil. You know the signs; dull, limp, lackluster hair that looks and feels frazzled. With the help of scalp treatment, you can easily transform your hair while you sleep. This ingenious, leave-in treatment absorbs instantly into dry hair (no messing!), helping to nourish, rehydrate and even to repair the damage. 

Get these treatments done now by buying these essential products for yourself.